Real Brothers of India


Story of Three Brave Brothers

Ravi, Rishi and Nishi Kant

Here is the contribution of all of the 3 brothers to Indian Society :

One of the brothers Ravi works on legal issues regarding honor killings and trafficking of girls. The other brother Nishi, the executive director, is a licensed social worker who now runs the rescue missions along G.B. Road, the red-light district in Delhi.
Rishi, the youngest, is adept with a camera, and works to steer media attention to their work in the slums and in the courtroom.
All three of them are associated with  Shakti Vahini has rescued more than thousand people, 60 percent of whom were children. It has responded to more than hundreds of victims of honor killings,which are becoming more common in the country.

Domestic abuse against women is rising in many countries and India is not far behind 

too.Since the outcry over the gang-rape and the subsequent death of a young woman in Delhi 

few months back, here comes a inspiring story when whole country is trying to make women

 more safe and protected.

I salute all of them for their immense support for women and their contribution to the society.

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