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Cricket is fair play game with stiff competition from opponents and IPL has set the stage on fire with smashing Gayle firing sixes all round the stadium,Cheerleaders dancing on every hit and thousands of crowd pouring in the stadium to support their franchise team and having a relaxing time with the friends and family members.
But for me,the cricket is not the same anymore because I dont find the legends of Indian cricket Sachin Tendulkar,Rahul Dravid,Saurav Ganguly and VVS Laxman on the fields and some how I found those times more interesting than the present times.
Watching the Ipl season is not the same after the news came in media about Indian players were involved in fixing scandal which deflated the whole point of watching cricket but still I am so crazy about cricket that once during childhood I had broken the TV remote and thrown it in the dustbin  and other instance include me not having food for the day when India loosing to Pakistan.I remember myself during childhood playing cricket  sometimes on the street or neighbor terraces and having my own team and being a captain of cricket team in my community area.
Now with star sports coming up with tie up with cricket IPL,watching cricket again has reached a new dimension and brought the life to classic cricket again.Watching cricket is much more easier and smarter with so many unlimited features offered by this time,I dont need a TV and be in dining room to have view of the cricket match instead I can walk along a park or be in auto rickshaw anywhere in the world and still enjoy the match updates there and then itself.This brings to every user to have the opportunity and to take advantage of the IT technology and this is the main reason for which it is popluar as it enables HD quality streaming across multiple devices from various platforms.I feel after watching the match that new experience is way better compared to normal Television.
I downloaded the amazing app on my tablet to have the real experience and I could not sense any difference but feel like watching cricket the perfect way as it should be done in this digital age.
I can sense everything happenning in the match from scoreboard,commentators in action,umpires signaling,HD videos,Super sixes and fall of wickets.I can see the stats of the match,different players performance on the field and their strengths and winning statistics in the match.
The best part in the application is that it is as a cricket fan I can see every single moment of the IPL season ball by ball at any point of time 24/7 coutesy with Deferred live option.

Just one word.. for people who don't want to miss the matches .. Keep calm and watch it on 

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