Nothing beats the Cricket Priority

I am die hard cricket fan and always bleed blue.It is something which I cant afford to miss and belonging to sports family where my father is badminton lover and grandfather loves hockey,how can I be far behind.I am so addicted to this sports and whether it is Indian Premier League or Ranji Trophy,I am there in the ground supporting cricket team and my favourite players from different franchise.The fun never stops and I feel the passion and interest of cricket has increased with coming of India Premier League and have made me to do some of the weird and crazy things in my life.
I still remember the day when I was in my college 1st Semester and had Computer Application exam and the same day was IPL semi final match in Ferozshah Kotla stadium.I am excited more about the match than the exam so mentally my mind was in the cricket stadium cheering for my team Chennai Super Kings.Now the story begins as the day started I went in the college and reached the examination center and gave the exam.After the exam I was very happy and started my journey to the stadium as the match was to start in 2 hrs.But that day weather was getting worst with strong winds and cumulonimbus clouds and suddenly there was dark and visibility reduced to low.I found myself in traffic and calculated that it would take around minimum 3 hours to reach to stadium and grab my seat and popcorn.But my passion and motivation to cheer for my team led me to make some extra ordinary decisions that day.First wrong thing I did that I jumped the red light without any fear and was successful and then thinking about the match,I started to drive as fast as I could and broke the speed limit curve of 60 km per hour.Then again I saw my self stuck in the traffic and tried to move through wrong lane in order to get to the destination.But this time I ran out of luck and finally was stopped by traffic person.I could not say much because I knew I was wrong and tried to resolve the matter and paid the challan amounting me 1000 Rs but at that point of time,I was more focussed on reaching the stadium.Finally after taking so many risk and doing something which I never did in my life that too just for a game of cricket was such a crazy thing but really once I reached the stadium with 1 hr and 30 minutes ,I was really happy indeed and felt like reaching cricket adda,stadium where all fun begins.

But now I have become more mature and responsible person and being a placement year, I cant afford to see the whole match due to exam preparation and interviews.But still the excitement is in there within me and to know the latest scores and match highlights is still one of my priorities in my free time.

My smartphone works as a perfect companion for me and thanks to for bringing an app for cricket lovers where I can enjoy all the live action of cricket matches for free and can view the latest scorecard too.

The application from has many features and easy options to navigate and the best thing is watching the cricket match live by using Deferred Live feature which hives streaming with delay of just 5 minutes.When ever I travel to go my home ,this option is best way to enjoy the match.I would recommend this apps to all people who dont want to miss the match if they are travelling and want to have cricket updates.

Thank you for giving this beautiful sports app for everyone.
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