My First Book Review :Private India by Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson

This is the first time I got the opportunity to review book  but I received the book between my MBA 3rd Semester exams.So I decided to read the book once the exams are finished and then share with you summary and my perception about the book.

My exams went well and the next day after the last exam,I felt it was perfect timing to relax and unwind myself and read this novel written by one of greatest author of all times Ashwin Sanghi and my sister favorite James Patterson.

First Look  : Private India

Book Front Cover
Lets talk about Book and Author :-

This book is written in English and published by Ramdom House India in 2014.There are total 448 pages in it but as I started reading it ,I realized that every page makes the story more clear and felt If I skip any page,I would have disconnect with the story.If you talk about category,I could relate it to a crime story full of adventure and thriller.In case you want to know about its ISBN :- ISBN-10: 0099586398 & ISBN-13: 978-0099586395.

Mr Ashwin Sanghi is known for his best selling fiction novels and the best sellers include The Rozabal Line, Chanakya's Chant and The Krishna Key.He has won various awards for his writing skills.He has co-authored with James Patterson,one of the greatest author of all times known for fiction and thriller stories and have brought together this amazing action thriller Private India.

Book Review and Short Summary 

My first impression on seeing the cover page and trying to imagine a story build up about a crime in Mumbai plotted by a person who is running away from Mumbai city via Worli-sea link.I like the cover page as it displays Gateway of India and famous Taj hotel.I felt really thankful I received his signed autograph on the first page of the book itself.

The first chapter talks about terror attacks and reminds me of old memories when terrorists came via boat and killed hundreds of innocent people both foreigners and Indians.At that moment,I had a feeling in my heart that this novel could be related to conspiracy,bomb attacks and international crime.But soon I realize that story is related to multiple murder by a serial killer and crime investigation done by Private India.Private India is India detective agency headed  by Santosh Wagh and one of the branch of Private ,a world wide renowned detective agency run by Jack Morgan.Other people who work with Santosh includes a forensic expert Mubeen,Nisha Gandhe and technology expert Hari.Going through the novel,it takes you to various Mumbai attractions Chowpatty Beach,Haji Ali,places like Andheri,Bandra etc.

Besides the main plot,novel also includes various mysteries about various characters.The story is fast pace and there is no way you can skip any page as every page is full of suspense,thrill and cues which drives you to read till the end upto the last page.

The story is written and expressed in simple English language which is really helpful if you are beginner.I would give 4 stars out of 5 about story concept, way of story telling and how the story reaches the climax and sequence of events and their co-relation.Before I sum up, I would say this novel is worth a read and keeps you in loop with surprises and perfect thriller.

To know more about the book,it is advisable to read the whole book.The book is available online at various e-commerce sites like flip-kart,amazon etc.

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