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I am born in the generation where E-commerce is considered as booming industry and there has been tremendous growth in technology and we have got everything in our hands with single touch just on our touch screen smart phones.
I have been trying to get hands on an HTC battery bar model number G600 for past six months and searching all the websites and trying to figure out on almost all famous e-commerce websites like flipkart.com, snapdeal etc and many more. Even I  went to shopping mall and explored each part of my city and various famous electronic showroom like Croma, Reliance stores and other big chains in this business but finding no solution to this issue.
Last option I had was to contact HTC directly and ask them if they could tell me where is the battery bar available but their response led to furthur disappointment as they told me that it is not available in India right now and you can order it through international website htcaccessory.com,But when I calculated the price plus shipping charges and converted into Indian National Rupees from UK Pounds.it cost me much more than my pocket money.

The reason I wanted to buy the battery bar because I needed a portable battery charger as I have to travel a lot and also by the time I reach my home in the evening, the phone battery sometimes dies and I miss important calls from family and official too. Also during my travelling through public transport I need something to keep my battery running while I can access Internet, watch YouTube videos and much more.This battery has capability to give double charge juice to my Smartphone and even then have power to charge again.

Next day, I got an email from blogadda about quikr free shopping fiesta and signed up at first attempt. Though I had perception that Quikr is only for second hand products and does not involve purchase of any brand new stuff. I had many things in my mind from Massager chair for my mom and Electric Geyser for my brother. My brother later dropped the idea of electric geyser.

So while searching on Quickr to get the electric massager, I called one of the seller phone number 9711309701 residing near our colony who first told that the massager chair was branded and it was 5-6 months old. I wanted to purchase the massager chair for mom so that she could relax and get rid of toe pain but the seller wanted to sell it for Rs 8,000 which was much higher than a brand new at eBay or other ecommerce website. Next day I called and tried to negotiate again but still was unsuccessful. So decided to leave the product.


I thought I should give a try to search HTC battery bar and if I could get old or second hand at cheaper rate if possible. On browsing the website I found that one of the sellers was selling the HTC battery bar which was branded and new. Further reading the information, it was mentioned that compatible with all HTC phones. Before thinking anything else, I called the seller but the phone was switch off, so I thought to call in the evening again.

Item Category Link on Quikr - http://delhi.quikr.com/Batteries/0-15000/Mobile-Accessories/w18222211245?imageAds=Y&l=Accessory_Type-Price

Product Ad link on Quikr - http://delhi.quikr.com/HTC-Battery-Bar-G600-W0QQAdIdZ186421308

Next thing I did was clicked on yellow button with option "Reply to this Ad" and sent a message to seller to contact me on my number. Next morning I got a call from lady seller asking me if I wanted to purchase battery bar. Since this was my first deal, I asked her questions regarding the battery bar, its condition and whether it was original or not and about the bill. After feeling satisfied, I asked her to make a deal and give some discount but she denied it and told that it was authentic and original battery bar and did not have any discount. Further asking her again,she finally gave me the offer of 5000 rs which I thought was less than the market price.
In the afternoon, I finally fixed a point to meet her near Saket Community centre and bought the battery bar from her.As told the battery was brand new and sealed with operation manual and usb drive. The best part about using the battery bar is that I can use it with any smartphone with same point slot and carry it with me anywhere anytime with no Fikar of loosing battery.It was nice to see and feel the product and it was a fair deal overall.

My battery getting charged up to 52 % and still remaining 2 Led dots
I would summarize my transaction as very easy and without any legal bond or restrictions.I feel it is much easy to deal through quikr website and it is not just about products which are already used but also if we search and try to navigate or type the write keyword,some times we can also find the right deal at the right place from right seller for the right price.Browsing the quikr website is very easy and best thing is to select the location or nearby place and choosing the categories and price range.This helps to sort out and gives the best search results.
I would define Quikr in simple terms as -

I would sum up with this chart about my overall experience..... Quikr is made for connecting buyers and sellers with help of technology in this modern age and can be termed as digital marketplace.

This chart points out why QUIKR IS "Quicker" than anyone else !!!

Thank you to Blogadda and Quikr for this great campaign.This post is a part of Quikr.com activity at BlogAdda.com

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