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Remembering those old days from childhood when I was just a tiny toddler to becoming an teenager,I remember my mom and dad used to be so taking me to doctor every month either due to my notorious activities and getting myself hurt or getting cold,fever or infection.The worst part of it was that always tried to be brave and thought nothing could happen to me and always had a myth that doctor and nurses are our enemies and they are there to either make us cry by using those long syringes or give us medicines and later smile on us.I never thought about the other side until I started going to school and learnt about doctors,medicines,type of diseases,food nutrients,human body and our strength and weaknesses.

Now I  could relate it to myself better that why my father stressed to me every morning and before sleeping or after lunch about brushing my teeth and keeping my tongue clean.Also the fact that he used to daily check my room whether it is clean or not and I have kept everything in place.
Like every mom,my mom is also too possessive about me and caring.She always want to know what I eat,where I go and what I do and who are my friends.I remember the incident few days ago about me sneezing a lot and she was like "let me take you to doctor and have your full body check-up".
Later that night she brought me some Kashmiri Kava and some Ayurveda medicine which she had prepared herself from herbal trees and dadi ka khazana book.No matter I could not drink and smell it but after 30 minutes,I could sense that magic medicine has cured my sneezing.

I asked my mom one day about her so caring nature about me and she replied that "You are my Hero,my superstar and everything for me and I cannot see you like this for even a second ".
She further adds that when you are healthy then I feel I am strong and have done my best to keep you fit and healthy".

me and my brother

Now I can relate everything about how important for me as a child to be healthy.I want to make my mom proud and my parents like others also have some expectations from me and until I keep myself fit,I cannot concentrate on my work and be committed to it.It is also important for a child to not just be physically active but also should have healthy mind,which can be possible with good home environment,less stress and love within the parents and strong trust.These factors play a major role in giving child self confidence and courage to be stable and strong always.So healthy body with love and support from parents are essential ingredients to be both mentally and physically strong and bold enough to face the challenges which comes everyday.So if a child is happy,then parents are happy too and so we can enjoy each other company and can fight hard plus stand together in good and bad times.

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