Lucky 6 - Magic Game for Everyone

Games are part and parcel of our life. Games are available across multiple platforms like computer games, old video games or games in our mobile smart phone. Most of the time, people get bored at airports or while travelling and when they have nothing to do or need to pass their time, Games come into the action and act as their primary source of entertainment. Some games are really addictive while some reminds us of our childhood days. We get powers, authority and have to clear various levels and try to win over various virtual situations and earn virtual money or gain points. But once the game is overawe have to switch over and find something new and this cycle continues.
Recently, I came across new game Lucky 6 launched by Fat Cat which takes the gaming challenge to another level and give us more power and chance to be lucky at same point. This is all real and there are many lucrative offers with game. Talking about Lucky 6 by Fat Cat, it is game which requires little brain and more luck like in lottery system as one can win real prizes from electronic gadgets, holiday trips and much more.Time has come to be a real gamer in life and stop wasting time on winning virtual prizes and try your luck  in your real game by downloading Lucky 6 to win some awesome prizes.

Getting Started -
Lucky 6 game which is available across various platforms like Android and IOS and can be easily downloaded within minutes from Google Play Store. There are no charges and is absolutely free.
Click on this link to download the game-

Image source - Fat Cat website
 Once you download it, you need to register yourself and then confirm the same from your email address. During registration process, the game requires you to have a secret five digit code for authentication and for protection plus option of having a nickname. Once you are done with process, next step will automatically takes you to Dashboard and Demo for understanding about playing the lucky 6 games.

Unlike other games, Lucky 6 is very simple to play and there are not many buttons or complex situations or many clicks required. In this game, user is required to choose six different brands from a given list of brands and create a lottery ticket. Based on your final selection, a ticket will be generated for you. Once you are done with this process, you part is over and now you need to wait and watch as results are declared on Game day.
The winner will be selected on basis of criteria of best performing six brands. You can check the scoreboard section any time to know your rank.The dashboard is very user friendly with clear instructions about how to play the game,winner criteria,terms and conditions and much more.
Also there is an option to increase your chances to win by sharing or referring your friends or family members to be part of it. It is win-win situation for you and your friend too and they can also be part of your winning.
Do share your experience about playing this game and enjoy winning prizes!

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