The Power of Voice to Clean India

Our country India is known for its diverse culture and religions but still we have unity in diversity. We feel proud to be Indian when we hear in news about Indian getting recognition at global level in various fields. But when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness, we are lacking behind other countries and give less emphasis to the issue of maintaining our surrounding clean.

With the change in government, our prime minister has come up with the Swatch Bharat campaign for cleanliness to make efforts for "CLEAN INDIA". As a citizen I appreciate the government efforts on this issue but for success of the campaign, we need public participation and change in mentality and our attitude. We all try to clean our homes and nearby surroundings but still throw garbage on the streets or parks without even thinking about it. We see people try to relieve themselves on the roadside instead of public toilets. This all needs to change now and we need to be more responsible and realize our duties towards keeping it clean and beautiful.

Also we see our rules and regulations are not very strict and there are many roadblocks when it comes to filing a complaint or raising our voice against injustice. The present generation is more selfish and less social these days and only think about themselves. We see many times while watching Bollywood movies or even in real life when there is a road accident and someone is injured, majority of people instead of helping the victim, try to move away or ignore him. The situation is same whether it is crime against women or case of traffic rules violation. Some people who have political connections or powers try to use it wrong way and take advantage of it. The worst part is that people who try to raise their voice or fight against injustice are often given threat calls or warnings to stay out of matter. The fight for getting justice is India is full of struggle and sometimes takes year for resolving court cases.

There must be strict rules so that people think before committing any crime and fast judgement. We can also help in keeping the country clean if we all stand up and behave in responsible way .For example if we see someone throwing garbage on the road then we can speak to him and advise that person to throw it in dustbin.
If everyone takes stand against wrong things and pledge to keep surrounding clean, we will make huge difference to the society. Strepsils has also started with #AbMontuBolega campaign. This campaign is about raising our voice and giving our opinion about various issues which requires immediate public attention and action from government bodies. The primary purpose is that everyone in India to start talking and raise awareness among people with help of information technology and using social media platforms like face book and twitter.

The campaign is already been trending on twitter for a while and has made an impact as more and more people are connecting through face book as well. The results are clearly visible as we see the latest post from Strepsil India face book page about one of the Indian beaches photo before the campaign and the latest picture below as there is no garbage or waste now.



The campaign tag line gives clear indication "Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega" #AbMontuBolega. 

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