Missing the Internship Chance

It was my holidays time and I was having best relaxing days at home. Being a lazy guy, I opt not to shave for many days as I knew there are going to be no more meetings or guests coming up at my home. My mom pressed me many times to remove this stubble wild from your face and look like a normal living being but who cares when it is holidays. Before the holidays got over, I got an email from our campus resource department to send our resume for internship opportunities in Sales and Marketing with various companies across Delhi and national capital region. I never took this activity seriously and send my resume without a photo. After few days, one of the companies told me to show up for formal interview process.

Being the brightest student among my batch mate and being the topper, I was little over confident and did not do much preparation for the interview. The reporting time was 9.30 am in the morning and I thought I would reach the destination at right time. I slept late before the interview day as I went to party with my friends and came back around 1 am. Next morning, I woke around 8 am as I forgot about the interview. But, I got ready within half an hour and packed my resume and everything. While going to the railway station, I knew something was wrong and missing today. As I checked my bag, I found my wallet missing and had less cash with me. Then the other thing struck my mind, I forgot to shave today and that too when I have to face the interview. With little regret on my face, I reached the railway station. The chain of errors continued and by the time, I reached the railway station, the train had already left the station. But somehow the train stopped after moving for 500 m and I kept running towards the track and finally boarded it.
I reached the company regional office around 0945 am and felt relieved seeing the other candidates still waiting. Thereafter few minutes, a gentleman came and took our resumes. We were called one after the other and then my turn came. I went in and there was introduction session. Without even starting with the interview, he told me that you are not ready for interview. I could sense that my stubble had left a bad impression on him. He was upset and told me that they are looking for good candidates but also people who take their personality and grooming.
Feeling little disappointed, I greeted the interviewer and realized my mistake. I reached home around 2 pm and first thing I did was clearing my stubble look. It was good lesson for me and from that whole incident.

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