Taking the stand


After my mom, it is my cousin sister who is the one I admire the most. It is her attitude to help others and her nature which motivates me to keep smiling and live my life to the fullest. I remember few years back when I went to my Nani house. There was a maid Shanti who used to work part time during morning and evening. She was uneducated and had two little children with a husband who was addicted to drinks. But Shanti was very honest, hard working maid and was serving their family for years. The bad part was this husband used to take all his money and spend it on buying alcohol and playing lottery. There were even stories that his husband would beat him up. My sister Akriti felt very pity for Shanti and always tried to help her by giving sweets to her children or old books and pushed her to save money so that his children would go to school. But over the years Shanti financial condition became weaker as her husband would take all his earnings.

Akriti was in eight classes when she started to teach Shanti children who were then five to six years old. Everyone pointed out to her to stick to her studies and concentrate on her own rather than focusing on others but she had made up her mind and stood by her decision to take up the education of those poor maid children as they could not afford to go to school. At the same time, an ICICI bank scheme was launched for kids and she opened up a bank account. After opening the account, she insisted her maid to open a bank account and asked his father to go with a maid in order to fill the form and details. But my uncle made us excuses and asked her to stay away from Shanti and her life. But akriti stood up for her and finally my uncle decided to help the poor maid. Shanti was so impressed with Akriti that she decided to give the bank account pass book and all relevant papers to Akriti instead of taking them to his home. At the end of every month, she would save money and then akriti would deposit to the bank.
Finally after saving for many years, this money helped Shanti children in education and when she needed medication attention. Also the bank account helped their family to get a small loan for their children studies. I salute my sister who took the stand and helped the maid to save money.

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