Effective navigation systems for your car


Gone are the days when we used to ask for directions and look out road at traffic signs to reach the desired destination while travelling by car. But now Global Positioning Systems technology and latest satellite navigation systems help to provide real time navigation and graphical data.They have become essential component for the car especially when you are travelling with family to non metro cities like Jaipur or Amritsar.I feel now more relaxed and tension free while travelling across different cities in India.All credit goes to better navigation system in Jaipur and other three tier cities in India as now there is no need to stop anywhere and we can have access to everything while sitting in the car.These navigation devices act as live saver and can help you to locate the nearest public places like hospital, police stations, banks etc in case of some emergency.Car navigation devices have so many advantages in terms of accuracy and providing the correct data with little or no margin of errors.There are so many different types of navigation system and accessories available in the market based on type of car model. Usually car navigation systems are in-built but now portable navigation systems are also available which offer many other entertainment features along with basic navigation guidance. It is important to consider these following things before installing a navigation device or accessory in your car which gives you value for money.

Big Display Screen with detailed Information
It is important to buy a navigation device that gives you detailed important information regarding the different routes available to reach the destination in shortest distance with consideration to factor like live traffic situation, rotational maps. The navigation system should be user friendly with access to different map formats. There should be option to adjust screen brightness as per our convenience.

Integration with Multiple Devices 
Navigation system in the car must be compatible with different smart phones and there should be an option for connecting accessory like pen drive plus Bluetooth device etc so that we can listen to our favourite songs and enjoy the ride.

User Friendly and Simple to Operate 
An effective navigation system is the one which interprets our messages and respond automatically so that we can concentrate on driving the car. It is recommended to buy such navigation system which minimize hand movements and announce directions after short intervals at right moment. 

Continuous Database Up gradation
The navigation system installed in the car must have option to update automatically with latest maps and geographical data so that we can reach our direction in shortest span of time. One wrong decision to take wrong path while driving can sometimes cost you money and time before coming back on right track to reach the destination.

In the end, I would recommend you to take a demo and do check the warranty option to ensure it is perfect navigation system for your car.


  1. I agree that the navigation screen needs to be big enough for you to see it while driving. If it is small then you have to take your attention off of the road to read the screen. That can be very dangerous while driving at high speeds on the freeway. Great article on car navigation systems. http://www.gccaraudio.com/gold-coast-car-sound-system-products