Things to remember when buying a second hand bike

Buying your first bike can be expensive affair if you have financial and budget constraints. Most of the people prefer second hand bike in Jaipur and other non metro cities due to many reasons like poor road condition, bike unavailability and lack of bike showroom and maintenance service. So if you are also planning to buy a second hand bike in India, then please do check out these important things to be considered before making the final decision.

Bike Specification 
First and foremost is the decision is check whether you are buying a bike for commuting to office for daily travel needs or bike for purpose to show off in your college. It should match your personality and personal needs. Once you know your exact requirements and bike which is suitable for you, then you can contact any agency or third party dealer or browse online to contact the right person and chat with him to get more details and bike picture before visiting the location to check the bike.

Bike Appearance and Looks
The first appearance gives the best impression. Do a visual inspection of bike to check for signs of corrosion and check handle flexibility and switch on the lights. Check if the bike starts in single kick and ask about the mileage and engine condition.

Cross Checking Bike Documents
As a buyer, please make sure you check the authenticity of all documents. Do not hesitate to ask him anything regarding purchase bill, bike model year etc plus also ask the bike owner or seller to specify all the terms and conditions clearly before striking the deal.

Test ride Checks 
Do not believe blindly on the seller and must go for test drive. Check the brakes once you start the bike before you accelerate. While on test drive, try to drive at different speed to check the bike response to different conditions and try to identify any unusual noise from engine.

Talking to Mechanic  
Experience does matter if you are considering purchasing a second hand bike. It is recommended that you must hire a certified mechanic who can inspect the second hand bike and tell you exactly about its pros and cons before making the deal with the seller. Further he can help you calculate and tell about the exact pricing plus lower and upper limit so that you can negotiate with buyer easily while buying the old bike.

Service or Major Maintenance
Last but not the least point is to ask the seller if the bike has gone under major overhauling or maintenance records. This can give a rough idea about the past issues with the bike.

I would advise everyone to keep all these factors in mind before buying a second hand bike.

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