Ek Nayi League

We still feel proud of this great legend Kapil Dev who brought cricket revolution to India after winning the world cup in 1983.After almost two decades now, Great legend Kapil Dev has recently joined social media platform Twitter where he is talking to some of well known celebrities about his new concept #EkNayiLeague. He has posted a 50 second video message to one of the most iconic person of the year Kapil Sharma who is the host of Comedy Nights with Kapil. In the video, he challenges his friend Kapil and warns him to get clean bowled if he tries to play with his heart. Kapil Dev further appreciates Kapil Sharma for his talent and how he throws googly to the guests who come to his house. As per the videos shared by Kapil Divehi has pointed out that winning and getting success in this league would be possible only if we play with mind and failure is imminent if play with all our heart.

I feel the new league #EkNayiLeague is going to give new dimension to the way we play cricket today. It is going to be more exciting and entertaining than ever before.Ek Nayi League could be about using mind to play cricket in a new way. It is about teamwork and spirit of game. It is playing with true sportsmanship and being able to cope up with pressure situations. I have a feeling that game is going to be very challenging as we can see from the video that Sir Kapil Dev give more importance to head over heart. He reveals that even player like Yuvraj Singh and captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni could feel pressure and have to give their best. I am sure this new league will inspire more and more people to take part in sports activity and will inspire the new generation.

From my sixth sense, I feel this league involves more participation and opportunity to girls in non metro cities and towns. It also encourages sportsperson who have retired from international arena or taken voluntary retirement to take the sports activity again and play the game. The new league could involve various celebrities from different fields playing some outdoor field game which requires more mental toughness than physical stamina. The new league could be blessing for many domestic cricketers who are unable to make play for India and Indian Premier League. There may be new rules and regulations in this games which could make it more interesting as we all know that test cricket and one day cricket does not carry the same momentum as it was few years ago.

Though I am guessing it my way but you can get more information and follow Legendary Kapil Dev on twitter as he has promised to reveal more about this league in coming days and tell everyone about it on social media platform.

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