My Airtel App

I love to use latest technology and want to save my time and resources in this fast pace life where there is so much to do. Gone are the days when we have to go to the market and do physical shopping and find a mobile operator to recharge the phone and pay the bill. It was computer few years back which spread the digital revolution in India and now mobile phones have become smarter and powerful which can do so many things with just a single touch on touch screen. There is no need of physical documentation or anything else. I can just in my home and use internet to pay my bills and do shopping. The future is already here with Airtel application and it is faster than even I have imagined. The application acts as a single platform to recharge the mobile and pay bills for different airtel facilities like 3G service, DTH channels and landline telephone bills.

I want to share with you about the 3 key features of this app that best suit my lifestyle too.

The first and foremost feature of the Airtel App is the "Airtel surprises" as I am always looking for something extra and love to get free swags and coupons. I belong to middle class money and so I am always have an urge to get more outcome while spending the money and so I think Airtel App is perfect for me as it comes with “Airtel surprises" when  we shake our mobile phone. The surprise are indeed awesome as we can choose from coupons and discount vouchers of different brands and categories like entertainment, online shopping and much more. These coupons can be easily redeemed and so it is like win-win situation for me.

Second feature of Airtel app that matches my cool style is the “I want to” which makes it smart like me. Now I can see everything regarding my bill payments and data usage etc right on my home screen as we start the Airtel app. The application saves my time and energy as it can favourite my last action and I can easily repeat my transaction without going through the whole process again. Further the app can help to contact the customer care at any time and raise complaint with single touch.

I love to stay organised and also alert. The airtel app amazing features makes this app more personalized and user friendly. My style and habit is to always remain updated and know my current mobile balance and this application is the perfect companion as it gives me notifications and even alerts me in case balance is very less. Further I am energetic and love to complete my work in shortest time possible and this application is also the fastest app as it can provide me super fast recharge experience and smooth transaction. I like this third feature very much as I can recharge my phone within seconds now.

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  1. Very useful application launched by airtel. Seems like the features are cool as the network. Exciting post Umang.

  2. thanks Gowthama Rajavelu for reading out!