My 5-4-3-2-1 Wishlist in Renault Lodgy

Renault Lodgy has certainly made a bold statement with its style and elegance. You just think of any adjective which comes to your mind and it will suit perfect on this car. You can call it bold, classic, luxurious, and powerful and any think which comes to your mind. Both Interior and Exterior looks of Renault Lodgy sets this car apart from others. The car redefines the way we drive and brings in the best of the world feature.

5 things which are part of my world and I would like to take along with me in the Renault Lodgy are- 

My Family

I feel spending time with my close family members and celebrating special moments with each other make me happy and cheerful. It makes me emotional and I cannot spend a day without seeing them. I consider my family as an important part in life which is always there with me to support me. They are my well wishers and source of motivation which keeps me going in life. My happiness becomes twice when my family members are with me to accompany me for the trip.

We all know how Renault lodgy is spacious as it is 7-8 seaters and seeing my nuclear family, I guess this is just perfect car while travelling with nuclear family if it is long drive. Now there is no need to adjust anymore as Renault Lodgy will take care of everything. The dual air conditioning with roof mounted vents also ensures the air circulation remains proper throughout the journey. 

My laptop and Cricket Kit

I want to carry my laptop with me wherever I want to go. The reason is Blogging. I consider it as my best way to express my emotions and I love to blog and share my experience. It gives me satisfaction and lightens up my spirits. I think blogging has come around as the best way to fulfil my passion and to take the place of my diary in digital form. The best part is that it allows me to share my experience, raise awareness and I can write without losing my data and saving it forever. Being a blogger, I often get invitations to attend reviews and meet up where I need to share information about the new product and its utilities and laptop comes in handy and act as perfect companion.

Renault Lodgy had ample boot space of 207 litres expandable to 1861 litres which gives an opportunity to traveller like me to carry my laptop and pack my cricket kit in the backyard. My passion for cricket never dies and cricket is the best way to enjoy whether you are at beach or hill station.

My Smartphone

My phone is my best gadget and believe it or not but it has become part of my wardrobe. I want to stay connected with this world. I am technology geek and love the gadgets as they are my perfect companion for me with unlimited possibilities to explore. I feel more possessed with gadgets and attached to them and nothing can be a better way than having a touch screen phone which can fit easily in pocket. I am social media addict and can access across my facebook, whatsapp and read my blogs and share content within few seconds. Another part to carry my HTC M8 is that it helps to click clear high definition pictures even in low light. I want to carry my phone to record some memories with my phone and of course Renault Lodgy.
I love the latest entertainment features added in the Renault Lodgy. One of the impressive features about it is that I can even connect my HTC phone to fully digitally control Media NAV multimedia touch screen via Bluetooth and can play my favourite songs while chilling at the back seat. Further Renault Lodgy understands the user requirements and now I do have to carry a portable changer with me as the car has charging socket to juice my Smartphone battery. Renault Lodgy has impressed me with its state of art technology and its innovative features.


Mummy ke haat ka khaana is something I love very much. The feeling and satisfaction I get after having home cooked food is something which cannot be matched anywhere else in the world, no matter if it is even a five star resort or restaurant. The food she cooks is so delicious as if she knows everything what I want, what ingredient to put in how much ration and how to make it look healthy and hygienic while making it healthy and delicious at the same time.

Renault Lodgy has taken consideration of comfort and provides good inboard facilities. I can enjoy homemade food by opening the back tray and enjoy my ride in Renault without stopping and even save my time. I can keep my bottle water and store refreshments.I feel that Renault gives me opportunity to control and personalize my travelling experience.

My Driving License

I felt it is better to first have feel and sense of the car and check out the all the functions and technicalities and drive the car in different modes. Renault Lodge has taken extra step to ensure safety and so I can drive the car without holding the phone and this is so cool and helps me in driving while taking important official calls. The car has dual front airbags as extra precaution feature and Anti-lock Braking System for better corner stability control to make the journey comfortable for the driver which makes me feel more confident as ever.

Before you ask me anything, I want to book a test drive now!

There is something more to it in this extra ordinary Renault Lodgy. Check this video now to know more 

I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.

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