Swatch Abhiyaan at Home

We all are aware about Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan started by the government of India and it is important for society to understand their role in keeping the surrounding clean and tidy. Hence, we need to take some important steps to eliminate this odour issue and try to eliminate from our home and around us. There is a need to bring in change in the mindset of the people so that there are no cases of bad odour at home. Every member of family should be responsible for household cleanliness. I guess if all family members contribute to this great cause then it will lead to magical transformation of home and we will home neat and clean to go from smelly to smiley.

I prefer natural way to get rid of foul smell and stinginess. The most unique and simple way to do it is to use fresh rose petal fragrance at night as it lights up the house atmosphere. During monsoon season, we have a drain near our house which tends to over flow once and at time the only solution we have is use Ambi pur to get immediate relieve as there is no permanent solution to it. Sometimes my mother also uses sun dried mint stems when crushed makesevery corner of the house free of bad odour.

I have a brother and hate the stinky smell coming from his shoes during summer season. I had argument with him many times just because of this issue only. Then at one point of time the smell was poking my nose so much and I could bear it anymore. As a result I decided that we should have a new rule to keep out the shoes outside the main entrance door of the home. This solution worked for me and my brother is happy too.

In the past I had such bad experiences related to bad odours and smell and almost felt like puking.My mom had gone to some wedding function for two days and at same time maid was on leave too. All other family members were so busy with our work and did not care to prevent dust and garbage. After two days there was build-up of garbage. At that time we realized our mistake and each family member decided to take responsibility of cleaning the dustbin daily. We kept two dustbins for liquid and solid waste.

I would end with the note that happiness is directly related to cleanliness and the better home smell; we will feel comfortable and happy.

 “I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

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