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The level of stress has certainly increased in today modern era as we see people less connected to each other and there is so much competition and we do not have much time to relax and this causes fatigue and stress which directly affects our skin and causes skin problems. With increasing pollution and adulteration effect, acne and other skin problems have increased multiple times and there has been rise in number of creams and gels which offer a temporary solution to restore skin and bring freshness to face. I wonder whether they are really helpful and do they provide a permanent solution to skin issues. If you remember old days, we use to rely on Ayurveda from herbal trees and home remedies when there was not much western influence in our country. Though people still prefer to use them but the point is that many of facts are unknown to the present generation. The best part of using Ayurvedic and natural treatment is that it does not harm your skin and improves the skin texture due to its natural properties.

My mother was my first expert and she gave me the lesson on Ayurveda and using natural herbs. She told me about how it helps to strengthen body immune system and considered as one stop solution to skin problem. Through this blog, I would like to share some tips with my followers in order to spread awareness about simple and natural way to protect your skin with things which my mother told me.

We all have pimple problem at some stage of life and it has been on my face right from childhood and has caused so much trouble in my life. One of the natural solutions to this issue is using mixture of multani mitti and rose water. This is one of most successful formula till now and it really helps to reduce pimple and fight against germs, pollution and remove excess oil from face. Another important thing to remember is that health is wealth and it is important to consume good and healthy food. We should never skip breakfast which is the first meal of the day. Winter days and drop in temperature increases the chances of having dandruff and increases percentage deposits of uric acid crystals and impurities that can permanently damage the hair growth on the scalp. The simplest cure is to use lemon mixed with oil as it eliminates dandruff and makes hair look smooth and soft. We should use lemon and honey paste and wash our face after every few hours. This brings instant glow to the skin and act as natural bleacher. Oily skin can lead to pimples and blackheads and in such a case aloe Vera is the best solution. Dark circles are big problem for people who work for hours sitting in front of computer. The best way to tackle the issue is to take some ice cubes and cucumber and rub it under the eyes to improve blood circulation and remove dead skin.

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