Ways to Improve Family Bonding


Today while browsing the internet,I read an article related to tips to bond yith your family from the Rewardme  site and I found it really useful and then I realized that why family bonding is so much inportant in life and how these small tips posted in the article can help you to come close to the family ( https://www.rewardme.in/family)
I like the first tip about Scheduling time. Spending time with family is best way to revive relationship. Second this is that articles talks about doing chores and dining together. I think cooking food and breakfast for family every weekend will give me chance to serve my family members and makes me very happy. It is always good to do things that take care of you and love you always and stand beside you in all stages of life. I will feel proud of myself by washing clothes and setting an example for other family members to realize their duties and responsibilities in doing household chores. It will help in easing the pressure and we get more time together. We can have a rule that every members needs to there on dining table to have food together. This will help to know each other more and sort out issues. 

I completely agree with the article that childhood is the best phase of life where there are not many difficult situations and life is tension free. It is just a smooth ride where you do not have to earn money or think about your future. The best part of childhood is that your family is around you and you become centre of attraction and there is a very close bonding and relationship. But as we grow up, there is love but we have less time for each other. In the present generation we are more connected to digital world and have access to advance technology. Technology has made our life and easy but it also has some negative points. It has made us less social and the family bonding is no more the same as it was before. I have a wish to spend more time with my close family members and celebrate all special moments to make them happy and cheerful but cannot devote time to them. This article really helps me to revive my bonding with family and there are some great tips which can bring our love and relationship better in coming days.

The article talks on being supportive and Spouse date and family friends. It will be so much fun going for vacation together or having dinner at night. I am also a big foodie and having a meal at anytime of the day at any place whether it is a local restaurant or a grand hotel brings big smile on my face. It will be nice when there are friends and family members are there to accompany for the meals or watching a movie together.

Good article on Rewardme.It can really help me to improve my family relations.

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