Khuljaye Bachpan

Childhood is the best cycle in everyone life where there are not many difficult situations and we are given lot of support and love.It is just like a ferrari ride where you do not have to earn or think about facing daily challenges in life.The best part of childhood is that having parents around you who make sure that we have in center of attraction and there is a very close bonding and relationship.
I consider my family as an important part in life which is always there with me to support me and stand behind me in tough times. They are my well wishers and source of motivation which keeps me going in life.I have a wish to spend more time with my close family members and celebrate all special moments to make them happy and cheerful but cannot devote time to them but during my childhood,my parents always took their time from busy schedule to help me.It was be so much fun going for vacation together or having dinner at night.Then we had moments when we all family members are there to accompany for the meals on weekends or watching a movie together. 
My father would teach me cooking food and egg toast and it was such cool activity we did together and also it gave me the chance to serve my family members and made me very happy. It is always good to learn things at early stage and my parents through their creative ideas and making home activities in fun way,I became self independent at early stage and now I feel proud of by washing clothes on my own and setting an example for other family members.
My mother was expect in handling me and was more like a buddy to me and she taught me about immense potential of using natural herbs for treating skin and health issues rather than using medication.She told me about how it helps to strengthen body immune system and about simple and natural way to protect my skin with things which are in the home or in our surroundings.My parents gave me lesson about management of finance and money is very important in life and keeping a track of it can be a very challenging task.My parents gave me a small diary to record everything and I still write on it.I like the book as we can store detail information about our financial assets and other personal information at a single place.It helps me in analyzing my current financial situation and plan accordingly for the future. I can make a budget and plan accordingly through this money book.My parents are really great and they have made my task so much easier now.

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