Designing My dream Home

One of the biggest dreams for many of us could be good job and six figure salary and a brand new car. But I always had a dream to be a successful person like my father and want to turn his dream into reality. His dream is to have a big bungalow near the sea coast and have his room facing the coast. He wishes to enjoy weekend at the bungalow and also at same time be connected with the city and avail all the luxurious facilities and fresh natural environment which help him to relax and enjoy better quality of life.After many years of working hard, I feel that building your home and turning into reality requires a lot of effort and it is most difficult task for anyone no matter of our financial strength. There are so many important factors from choosing the layout of the room, type of locality where it is located and its price and understanding the government regulations. Also we have to figure out how close it is to the airport, hospital and does it provide basic amenities like water, electricity and security which are the need of the hour. This is just a beginning and even after taking the big bold step to buy the house and taking over the keys, the real issues starts about colour of the walls, furniture size and whether it has enough space to accommodate everything we have and so on.
Honestly if some asks me to design my dream home, I will go for something which Godrej Interio offers with latest design on their website. I would start with bathroom accessories as for me, it is the personal place where we get time to relax and want to get fresh before going for work. I like the idea of big mirror and space between bathroom and toilet so it can be used by more than one person while privacy is maintained. My mom is best when it comes to colour combination, she likes wood work too much and walls painted in silver colour for dining room with lamp above the dining table. 
Next thing is Kitchen which is the most important part of home and place where we want to cook food and keep utensils. Kitchen should be designed in such a way that there is ventilation system and storage space. There should be shelves to keep fruits, kitchen appliances like microwave and place for washing used utensils. I think kitchen for my dream home must be such that everything synchronized in order and keeping food stuff.Next comes the bed room, Bedroom should be such that where there is enough lighting and floor should be covered and side tables for keeping my bag and other stuff like mobile or laptop. I wish someday I have enough money in my wallet to get my dream home designed from Godrej Interio next time.

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