#SachchiAdvice in Life

Buying your first bike can be expensive affair if you have financial and budget constraints. Most of the people like me who are living in non metro cities prefer second hand bike. This is due to many reasons like poor road condition, bike unavailability and lack of bike showroom and maintenance service. I too felt the same unless my brother gave me the #SachchiAdvice in life to always buy the new and branded things which are needed in long run with due consultation from others.
Few months back, I was just about to buy the bike from the seller but now I feel really lucky that my brother came into action at the right time and he was present with me while I was dealing with the seller. Honestly, I would tell that after communicating with seller 3-4 times, I had complete faith in him and never thought that he would misguide me for the same. My brother is a mechanical engineer has great knowledge and experience in auto mobile industry. His presence really made the difference at the location site and I saved myself from buying second hand bike. His inspection of the second hand bike could help me to identify about its pros and cons before making the deal with the seller. Further he told me the exact pricing plus lower and upper limit. After getting instructed from him, I found that with buyer was duping me with false information and was charging me double the amount. Further my brother cautioned me to check the bike documents as a buyer, please make sure you check the authenticity of all documents and gave me instructions to ask him regarding purchase bill, bike model year etc.After inspection of bike documents, I found irregularity in the bike year and model which was communicated to me earlier by the seller.
This further lead to breach of trust with the seller and then my brother told me to leave the deal and instead we went to showroom for having the test drive of new wheeler.
I am very thankful to him for his guidance and really feel that experience does matter if you are dealing with something new and at that time, friends and close family members advise matters the most.

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