#KnowYourRights and fight against sexual violence

The biggest problems comes when facing the world and people talking about the crime in front of the victim and pointing finger without knowing the real facts and situation.In our closed loop system and social circle, we find that the victim is either pressurized to either hide the sexual violence and other such incidents due to the factors like facing humiliation and fear from the society and relatives.

Save the Society

We all know that victim undergoes lot of pain and mental stress but reporting such incident would help in elimination of such people from the society as they will either be punished or at least be under threat from law enforcement bodies. This will help in saving the society from perpetrator who may have an intention of harming other people too. It is seen that often victim silence gives more courage to the perpetrator to indulge in more such acts and harm the victim.

Medical Help

Social life is disturbed in such cases for the victim. The victim looses interest in his life and feels alone. His mental condition may be worst hit and his mood swings often after going through such trauma. The victim may be infected with sexually transmitted diseases too and so it is important to go through proper body medical check up at regular stages.
The victim feels ending life and giving up. It is duty of the people who are in contact with the victim to help in providing the medical treatment and taking him to counselling centre and spends time with the victim. There are many social foundations which can help the victim in rehabilitation too.Government of India also runs various programme to help the victim and provide safety and security to the person.


Victim should contact the police authority and approach the government organisations and stay in touch with the right people to report such acts of sexual violence in any form. These bodies are very professional and are committed in all times to save the victim and hide the victim from the media. Victim must raise the voice and should know her rights in all cases. Victim can help in catching the victim and give a chance to authority to catch that person with evidence too. The victim can now walk and roam freely once the person is caught and get his freedom back in his life. 

I would urge everyone to stay protected at all times and live the live without any fear and speak up if you feel under any form of sexual violence at any time of your life.

 “I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s#KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”

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