5 most inspirational movies must watch- Part 2

We all have seen some latest Bollywood movies that are really good and I would like to express my preferences and likes for the same.I will start my list from Rank 5 i.e. “BajrangiBhaijan”. It is a movie based on a Muslim girl belonging to Pakistan who gets lost in India. She tries to find a way home and finally meets Salman Khan who helps her to rake him home. This was very difficult for Salman to do without a passport and he has to face many problems. Somehow, he manages to take “Munni”(girl) to his home safely. The movie showcases that no religion is more important than humanity. It is a movie that us good for the youth of the nation and they should learn a lesson from this movie.
Rank 4 is “Dhoom 3” which is an action movie. It is really a very good movie for recreation as it involves suspense, thrill and action along with music and dance. The Cast of the movie includes Amir Khan, Katrina Kaif, AbhishekBachchan and Uday Chopra as lead roles. The movie is very good with good quality of VFX and animations. 
Rank 3 is “Tamasha”I think it is the only movie of its kind that has been ever been made in Bollywood. The movie has Ranbir Kapoor and DeepikaPadukone playing the lead characters. The movie may not have earned a lot of money as compared to others but it has a very strong theme which says that a person should stop and introspect the path that he want to travel for his life instead of doing what everyone else is doing. It is a very interesting movie which differentiates a robot from a human.
Rank 2 is “3 Idiots” Almost every Indian knows about this movie. This movie is really special as it talks about the story of a boy who wanted to study in the best college of the country not because e he wanted to secure a job abroad or he wanted to settle in his life and earn huge amount of money but he wanted to study to gain knowledge and excellence in life. This movie is a real contrast to the actual situation of the Indian Education System currently.
Rank 1 is “ PK”Well this is another Amir Khan movie. There is a reason Amir’s movie are popular as they have a genuine theme behind them. PK is a movie about an alien looking similar to humans land on earth to explore it. He acts as a child initially learning the living style of earth. Soon he gets to know that people in earth know who created them, referring the God. He gets shocked by it and start verifying every “Rule- according to him” which different religions have. That is all I would like to recommend you all to watch.

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