5 most inspirational movies must watch

Today I would like to talk about 5 most inspirational and peppy movies that the India youth must watch. The first one is “BhaagMilkaBhaag” which is based on true story of “SardaarMilkha Singh”. The movie begins showing Milkha as a small boy living in Pakistan. Due to separation he loses his family which gets murdered in separation. Somehow he saves his life to reach India and struggles for food. He gets an opportunity to run for a race. He gets selected and starts working hard to increase his speed finally become the fastest 400 m runner of that time. It is a very inspirational movie and the youths must watch this. Many songs of the movie became popular too like “Zinda” and many others.
Second is “Iqbal” which is another movie based on a teenager who is deaf and dumb but he has developed and ability to read lips to understand words. He as interest in cricket but his father wants him to leave cricket and study hard. Secretly, he continues his practice of bowling and after facing many challenges is able to get selected in the national Indian Cricket Team as a bowler. This movie is the one which even sheds tears from the eyes of many viewers.
Third one is “Chak de India” which is a “Shah Rukh Khan” film. It is a very popular movie with many popular songs too like “Chak de India”. The movie was in talks for a long time when released. It is really a great inspiring movie related to the national sport Hockey. It falls in the category of must watch movie of Bollywood. The specialty of this movie is that it talks about Women’s Hockey which is very motivating as we all live in a male dominated society.
Fourth one is “Lagaan”. It is an “Amir Khan” movie based on the times when British used to rule India. The movie is about “lagaan” that the Indian famers have to give to the British in the time of drought when no crop was grown. The farmers wanted relaxation in the “lagaan” for this year as they themselves were in loss. British decided to give them a chance by challenging the famers to win a cricket match and if they win they will be forfeit the tax but if they lose they would be made to pay the double. Overall, it is a nice movie and everyone must watch such inspiring movies.
The last movie that I will recommend is “Lakshya”. It is a Hritik Roshan movie. The movie is based on a boy who is confused with his career options. He doesn’t know what to do in life and he finally joins the Indian Army. At the army, it was the time of Kargil War where he showed excellence to help India win over the war against Pakistan. It is one of the top inspiring Bollywood movies. 

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