One and Only Mr Fantastico- Messi

We all love to play sports and enjoy watching it. I am big fan of cricket but few years back I had a little change of taste when I saw a fantastico and most impactful football player name “MESSI”.I is talking about the legendary and iconic sportsperson Lionel Messi who has taken this football world with a storm. He is the great Argentinean footballer who is known worldwide for his lovely game play. I think anyone who has a little bit of knowledge about football would obviously know about this great man. He is also the captain of Argentina national football team and he is so good at it that in FIFA World Cup-2014 he led the team to world`s Final. He is really more than a player he is the one who can change the game alone.

He is loved by many in the world, every boy knows the name “MESSI”.I love to watch him playing and his tactics on field make the game more interesting. He has won 4 FIFA Golden Balls which means that he is really a great talent. His recent one was in 2015 only; he is the only footballer who has received the golden ball 4 times. He is really great with his skills and also plays a team game like it should be played. A player of the former Spanish club FC Barcelona he is very popular in the world. In the past years he helped Barcelona, to win the league titles and domestic cups many times. He is said to be the descendant of the great Argentinean footballer Maridona. It is said like this as there are a lot of similarities between the two of them. Maridona himself tutored him some skills. Both belong to Argentina. Both played for FC Barcelona and also both had the same Jersey, i.e., no. 10.

Football means Messi to strong fans who believe in him and practice to become like him one day. I saw him since the beginning of his career and I know he was special since that very little begging in the way as he wanted to learn up the things as quickly as possible. He was not special trickster in the start but yes he worked on and all to learn the tricks and skills and practiced them so well that today he is more than perfect to handle the ball. He has become the person who can switch through a place cutting 3 people at a time and then also beating a goalkeeper to score a goal. He really has some real skills to display. Watching this I get inspired to do some great things in my life also. I also play football, not like a legend like him but I try to do those things which I really do primarily in a legendary way. 

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