The magic of Mark Zuckerberg-The social Network

Sometimes small disruptions or change can bring a new revolution in this world and no better example is there is to beat than the magic of Mark Zuckerberg. Today I would like to share an incident from my real life. I was sitting in my hostel room watching the movie “The Social Network”, which is based on how the social networking website “Face book” was started up. The cast has “Jesse Eisenberg” playing the role of Mark Zuckerberg in the movie. The story tells us how Mark one day screwed up with a girl he was dating and then he get drunk and posts some down words for that girl on his blog. At the same time side by side he made a webpage that night which would select randomly any two girls of their college and compare them. This webpage was named “Face Mash” and it got viral over the night in the college server due to which the college server crashed.
This took way for beginning of a social networking website with key to help people to connect with the people freely from distant places. Hence Mark with his friend Eduardo Saverin started “The Face book” which was the birth name of “Face book” as we know it today. Jesse Eisenberg has played the role of Mark Zuckerberg perfectly. Even though he is an actor his work displays serious attempts of determined programming looking it no one can differ if he is a programmer or an actor. This work of Jesse inspired me to do some real coding as I am pursuing this as my hobby of Computer Science too. Every time I want to get some motivation or whenever I feel tired I watch this movie for recreation which also inspires me to get back at work and become a very successful programmer.

Besides the role of Mark, the role of Eduardo Saverin who was the first CFO of Face book was played by Andrew Garfield. He is one of the biggest young actors in the Hollywood. One of his greatest works is the role of Spider Man in “The Amazing Spider Man”. Andrew also displayed a very robust piece of work. His acting is so impressive that I can recall all the scenes he was part of. Each and every scene he was involved in I can remember any time, such a profound actor he is. He is one of the actors which helped the movie to be a great work of art. He perfectly acted like a business geek who had all the knowledge about making profitable business and doing well in life which too inspires me to do great things in my life too. I am a lot motivated by the movie, by these two people and would like to recommend you all to watch the movie “The Social Network”.

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