First step to Corporate World

Internship is part of regular curriculum of post graduation program and it is part of internal semester and make up for the practical training. I had completed my second semester of my post graduation and had attained first class division in my college. I was really happy with my performance and it was the result of my efforts that I was able to grab good internship opportunity in a fast moving consumer goods company right when the placement started.

It started when I got an email from our campus resource department to send my resume for internship opportunities in Sales and Marketing with various companies across Delhi and national capital region. I never took this activity seriously and send my resume without a photo. After few days, one of the companies told me to show up for formal interview process. It was two rounds of interview and I was selected to learn and perform as per the company. The best part was that it also involved some stipend amount during the course of training period.

Today I would like to share with everyone about my life challenging moments during my first internship and work experience which have kept on toes in that period of two months which made me understand the value of time and money. It was my first day and I went in formal uniform and was give a formal induction and signing of certain official documents. Then I was introduced to my mentor who told me to gain as much knowledge and learn in these months. I was really happy that he was really helpful during those two months. He would always give the right solution and ready to talk to me for hours on any topic ranging from sports to adventure. He became my inspiration as he would always smile no matter how tough a situation is and remain calm.

In last two days of my internship, I was given an opportunity to meet one of the senior most respected people in the company who was regional manager and was considered part of decision making process. I was really impressed me by his excellence to maintain a professional approach both in his personal lifestyle.

I submitted my report and presentation to him and that was the moment which makes me proud of myself and I feel thankful to the company and my college who gave me tremendous support and help in all stages of internship and motivated me to move ahead over barriers and face the real situation with courage and confidence.

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