Growing Heart in Right Direction


Technology is growing very rapidly and so is the life. Everyone wants to grow themselves into a better and stronger person both socially as well as financially. This seems good well enough but in order to do so we forget to take care of our health. Good health which is the key to living a happy life lacks in most of the people nowadays. It has become usual for college students to stay awake till odd hours and then wake up late in the morning. This makes their life full of stress. Since, they do not have proper sleep and also their average sleep hours decreases they feel stressed out very frequently and are not able to cope up even with a moderate pressure task in their daily lives.Heart and health are interlinked and related thus caring for health is indirectly caring for your heart.

So Firstly, I would like to advice everyone who is a patient of sleep shortage to take a proper -8 hours of sleep as it helps to increase the concentration of brain. Try to sleep at 10 in the night so as to wake up early in the morning. Waking early morning helps to freshen the body and also makes the organs fit. This has really helped a lot to me and keeps me motivated throughout the day.
Second thing that I would like to emphasize on is the diet that most of the younger generation is into. Nowadays, people are more into eating junk food instead of having a healthy balanced diet. Balanced diet is very much essential in daily life because it fulfills all sorts of need that a person has. It has enough proteins which is required for power in the body. It also has carbohydrates and strength which is why a balanced diet is called the power house food. It also contains enough vitamins and minerals so as to protect us from diseases. Also, lagging of such nutrients in the body leads to deficiency problems which take the face of serious diseases such as hair fall, skin diseases, weakening of bones. Also it helps to be active throughout the day as eating perfect amount and type of food prevents you from being lazy.

The last advice from my side is to do yoga.Yoga really works in reality to make you happy from inside. It teaches patience and internal calmness. When a person has internal peace then he has the power to struggle through the difficult situations of life. And this type of a person is sure to reach his destination however time it may take but success is promised to him. 

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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