Pathshala Funwala

Communication is the way of life and develop relations with other. We all know about importance of English language which is global language and one needs to learn this language in order to survive this tough world. I was brought up in the area where Hindi was mother tongue and main tool of communication. So I had to face lot of difficulties in the starting when I moved to metro town. People often used to make fun of me in the new school and my interaction was very limited and felt alone. But then I took the decision to get rid of my fear with English and learn this language.

After getting a proper coaching under very professional staff and expert people, I felt really satisfied after the getting the grasp of English language and this was only possible due to my confidence and constant guidance from my mentor that helped me to achieve proficiency. As a part of training many activities were performed as well as making presentations. I also got a chance to deliver lecture in English to my fellow colleagues and build some sort of relationship. Further I also took up the challenge to be the perfect host and help college in event preparation and everything related to i.e. am really lucky to get right education lesson which are valuable and this is key thing will focus for rest of my life. Learning English also helped me in getting Internship in reputed company and helped in getting stipend or my first earning and I had tears in my eyes. It was some thousand rupees but it had me very much emotional and sensitive. I could not believe that I was paid for my work and my job.

One of main learning lessons during the coarse were about key aspects of English pronunciation and how it plays a very important part in corporate world to be successful and there is a proper communication so that message is clear and we can learn about consumer behaviour and adapt to changing environment. I would like to give advice to the young people who are still in process of learning this language that always try to talk in English irrespective of whether you speak it correctly or not. Another advice is that you should read English newspapers regularly which will broaden your skills and learn about new words.

Nihar Shanti Amla Oil has also started Pathshala Funwala’s campaign which is amazing way to spread and educate in English language. You can find out more from the toll-free number 8055667788 which can help you or someone in need to learn English.I feel this service is going to be beneficial for my cousin and my mother too who are going abroad.This way we all can learn and educate ourself in English language.

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