Unlocking the Power of Vitamin-E

Looking fit and in shape is key aspects of life these days and I urge that everyone should take care of their health before it is very late and then regret forever. In this blog I would like to give some important advice which I follow and can help you to stay healthy. One of critical thing as we move up in life is about intake of food rich in vitamin-E. It is also important that we must consume good and healthy food enriched with vitamin E. It should be simple classic diet without much oil or spice but include green vegetables. We all like to eat very yummy and tasty food but it contains a lot of cholesterol which is not good for body. We should have such diet that it is easy to digest and give us energy and have some source of vitamin-E in it.

I commute daily travelling via Delhi metro which makes my hair expose to the all the dirt particles and damage my hair. All credit goes to Delhi population and lack of efficient transport system. I add Vitamin E capsules and mix it with coconut oil as it is perfect way to wipe out little bits of dirt and other particles that get into the hair and cause damage. Further massaging my hair with fingertips and let it be there for minute or so to completely get into the scalp. This therapy really works for me. I often use lemon mixed with shampoo which is very effective way as it does not harm your hair and removes dandruff due to its natural properties. I have pimple problem since childhood and has caused so much trouble in my life particularly in my college days. I had visit to many doctors but nothing worked for me until I was made aware about one of the natural solutions to fight this issue using mixture of multani mitti and rose water with olive oil. This is one of most successful formula till now as it included vitamin E.It really helps to reduce pimple and fight against germs, pollution and remove excess oil from face. This is how vitamin E has helped me a lot to prevent ageing too early.

Vitamin E helps to increase in the blood circulation in the body and has properties to prevent anti-aging too. My mother is having skin issues as she gets older. I went to local doctor who told her about Vitamin E deficiency in her. My mother now eat egg yolk plus almonds on regular basis and use Supplements enriched coconut Oil which helps to make the hand wet and reduces the friction between the skin this helps to give a smooth and better look.Some health tips which are important are that you must wake up early in morning and then go on an early morning walk in the nearby park. Waking up early morning helps to refresh the body and also makes the organs fit. You should also intake wet almonds and other dry fruit which can make you sharper your brain and remain healthy.My father also tells that we should eat Brocoli on regular basis as it contains vitamin E to prevent against some worst kind of diseases causing asthma & respiratory dysfunction.

Here are some of important food sources with Vitamin E -

1. Almonds and Nuts
3.Sunflower oil
4.Olive oil
5.Wheat germ oil


I hope these tips will help you to understand about power of Vitamin E and you can also visit #Evion website http://www.evion.co.in/ which guides about Vitamin E usage and "Evion Supplements" which can help you in fighting health issues.