Girls Jewelry


Girls Jewelry

Girls love jewelry and are very choosy about it. Earrings are the most common type of girls jewelry that girls wear daily. Simple chains with dainty pendants are much sought after by girls. Bracelets and bangles are selected to match their attire. They are gifted jewelry in different phases of life such as, at birth, at coming of age, in marriage, on becoming a mother etc.Girls prefer jewelry that's crafted elegantly and is light to wear. Pearls are a favourite among girls jewelry.

Fashions in the girls jewelry have considerably changed during the last five years and their general tendency being to avoid gold jewelry of heavy weight. Feminine jewelry is more complex than masculine jewelry.Girls jewelry differ in type as used by women and by young girls and van be worn on the head, in the ears, in the nose, on the neck, across the shoulders, on the arms, wrists and fingers, round the waist, on the legs and on the toes. Sometimes girls jewelry also differ according to the caste and community. With Hindus gold is very sacred metal and so gold ornaments are used as girls jewelry.Girls and silver metals girls jewelry is also considered to have a protective magical effect like that attribute to charms and amulets.

Head ornaments of any kind as used by modern girls are not much in evidence. Earrings of various types are now getting into fashion and are now considered as girls jewelery.Sometimes strings of fine pearls girls jewelry run from the earring into the hair, and pearls are also threaded through the hair. Nose-rings such as nath and besar as ceremonial ornaments worn by married ladies and college girls in the left nostril are currently used in India as girls jewelery.Costlier bangles studded with pearls, diamonds and precious stones are in the use along with armlets made of gold or silver are still in wear and used as girl jewelry.Bracelets have been found in almost every culture throughout the world and throughout history included in girls jewelry.Several factors affect the cost of a girls jewelry including the type of metal,designs,total carat weight and their general quality.

The most common form of girls jewelry is the Bindi, which has a central pendant hanging from a string of fine pearls and is worn down the parting of the hair with the pendant resting in the middle of the forehead. The toe rings and the anklets are used as foot jewelry and enormous range in armlets and the most common ones are gold bands with precious stones constitute girls jewelry. Jewelry for the neck is one of the most important items of girls jewelry and there is a bewildering range strings, sometimes with rubies and emeralds strung with them or with gem studded pendants, are worn double and triple strings. A necklace plays an important role in transforming girls jewelry into an overnight celebrity. Girls jewelry include range of bracelets and bangles available in gold and silver in various shapes and sizes. High end pendants in platinum are some of the costliest girls jewelry found in India. A pendant is one such girl jewelry and a popular way of establishing one's own identity. With the fashion industry growth in India, girls jewelry are also flourishing with every passing day.

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