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In today's world,condition of women in India is a matter of grave concern and one of the primary reason for this is increasing violence and exploitation against women.This is something to worry about women privacy,their security and safety.The actual problem lies withthin the mindsets and conscience of some men who sees women as sexual objects.We need to educate and spread awareness and make strict laws to fight for women rights.This may take a little time but till that time,I would like to share few practical tips and tools that every woman should know and follow for their safety and security :-

1.Best way  is strengthening the body by self defense training and learning to fight against criminals. Get yourself enrolled in the traditional martial arts techniques and prepare for the real world situation.

2.A slim bottle or can of Pepper spray can be best self-defense weapon and may give you time to run and escape from attacker.This is powerful and cheap way to fight and raise the alarm.

3. Never trust a stranger while travelling and always cover your face with something to avoid eyes contact with them.

4.  You must be extra alert when you are alone at home.Make sure you have all your doors locked and never open doors  unless you know the person at the gate and prevent home invasion.

5. Install important applications in your smartphone that send message to your friends or family in case of emergency situations.You can install Smart Suraksha application which alerts 5 of your contacts at press of a button.

6.Make noise and sounds in order to attract the attention of the people or crowd towards you.This is the simple and best possible solution to raise alarm.

7. Communication is most important and you must carry a mobile with a portable battery charger so that your battery is not dried up and you can call someone.

8.Whenever using a public transport system,you must travel in those bus or train where there are lots of people and cabin is well lit.Try to occupy ladies seat or travel in ladies compartment.

9.When you are driving alone at night,first thing is to  keep windows up and lock the door.Also have a GPS installed in your car so that you can find nearest police station or hospital in case of emergency.

10. Dont share your personal information such as phone number or address on social media websites like  Facebook,twitter etc and never friend a stranger or chat with him.

I hope every girl or woman reads my blog post and try to follow the tips which could help and benefit them.
I am sharing my Smart Suraksha Tips at in association with Smart Suraksha App.

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