Sunsilk-My Styling Secret to Recharge Hair and Mind

Everyone talks about keeping their body and mind healthy but everyone misses out the essential component of skin which is about getting our hair healthy.I would dedicate this blog post to Sunsilk and how it recharges my hair and mind and why it is essential to have sunsilk shampoo and conditioner in my travel kit every time.Sharing with you some of the reasons  from my life :-
1. Bold and Stylish Looks
Whether it is a social get together with family or Signature after match parties/Blenders Pride Fashion Week etc,I need to have the best look with latest hair style and neatly combed hair.So first step before you get ready to attend awesome event is to recharge my body and hair.Sun silk provides me the best hair solution and I don't have to worry anymore about my hair getting messed up by end of day!

2. Wiping the dust out after hectic day work
Working out and travelling public transport via Delhi metro,local EMU train or by own vehicle makes my hair expose to the all the dirt particles bound to damage my hair and there is no way I can get out of it.All credit to India population and lack of efficient transport system.So Sunsilk is perfect to wipe out little bits of dirt and other vermin that get into the hair and cause damage.Massaging the sunsilk shampoo into my hair with fingertips and let it be there for minute or so to completely get into the scalp.This therapy really works for me.

3. Dandruff and Hair Fall
Winter days and dilli ki Sardi increases the chances of having dandruff and thus increases percentage deposits of uric acid crystals and impurities that can permanently damage the hair growth on the scalp.So it is essential for me a branded shampoo like Sunsilk Anti dandruff shampoo and Conditioner to take care of it.I prefer Sunsilk conditioner after shampooing as it makes my hair look smooth, soft, and extra shiny.  

 While my mom use Sunsilk's  Perfect Straight Conditioner for her curly hair to add extra moisture and stunning Black Shine Shampoo from Sunsilk to give deeper, shinier hair from the 1st wash.


4. Getting the Best ingredient and black shine for my hair

I have tried at least eight to nine brands of shampoos in my lifetime before I settled for Sunsilk. It ensures that hair receives nourishment and right ingredient for growth of my hair.Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner combines the best pair to take care of my hair from root to tip.

5. Shower and shampoo my hair immediately after swimming

After having a holy bath in river Ganga Ji or Dehradoon valley,Shampoo is a must.
Also it is recommended using shampoo as an effective way to prevent chlorine buildup after a swimming session.Using a conditioner after shampooing helps me with smooth, soft, and shiny hair.


This blog post is written to share my experience for IndiBlogger Contest "Recharge your hair Recharge your Life.



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