Woh Childhood ki lovie dove memories with Anshul


Memories of my Childhood Days with Anshul

As I try to pen down some of my early phase of my life today,I still remember those festival Diwali days, summer holidays and winter breaks which were the best time of the year spent with my school friend and cousin anshul who lived near my home in sector 23.Like everyone else, I also have a very special and fond memories of my childhood and always try to remember them by looking through the old birthday albums,torn photographs and my scrapbook. I first met anshul in my nursery class when I got admission in A.P.J school and our teacher Murli maam alloted me a seat with him and then the friendship started coming together to school from the same school bus and sharing the lunch.

There are hundred of memories both joyful and sad ones with anshul that makes me smile and bring me more close to him.One of them is fighting for the cricket bat in the cricket match,then trying to compete with each other and bowl each other out in the Sainik Community park and then trying to bully each other.We used to play from morning till evening with no worries and then have a glass of orange juice at Delhi juice corner at the end of day and making strategies against opponent for next day.
Some of the birthday parties pictures with you and school trip to rose garden and doll museum,Delhi was so much fun.I remember how naughty you were when you brought holi colors in the class and try to throw all over my face after the school ended.Here is the picture where me.anshul and monti were together on some fun trip together with my parents.
On another occassion when there was no one at neighbour Sharma Ji home and the gate was locked and we together made a plan to climb up the ladder to sneak in their house and get our cricket ball back.That was too much fun and we thought we won a medal!
Other day I remember when we were doing Maths holiday homework and my sister was crying then you made a painting for her which was so funny that made all us laugh and she was mad about it.

I still remember that stampbook and coinbook  you gave me on my 11th birthday which I still have as priced pocession with me.Every friday in school,we used to exchange Coins and Stamps in the hobby period and trying to make a deal with each other specially the 1 dollar vs 1 pound deal like a big businessman.Now my collection has gone from few coins and stamps to hundreds of them.

I hope you remember when we went to mall together and bought same purple tee on the friendship day.On the other day when we had the passes to attend Karbonn Signature After Match party together and you became my cameraman and we had some best moments of life clicking each others pictures with cricketers. Also the Haridwar trip we had last summer where we enjoyed a lot and had some awesome moments of lifetime which I cannot forget throughout my life.

Now I realised what a wonderful childhood I had with you and at times wish I could be kid again and we both have naughty time together.Also wants to thank Dove helping me to write a blogpost on my favorite childhood memories and anshul.  
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  1. Umang, you're really lucky to have Anshul in your life :) cheers to both of you :)

    Looking forward to your thoughts on my take on this topic:

  2. Umang, is that you from the select city walk tweesure hunt?

    Loved the post! Nice to see guys sharing their friendship stories! :)