Indiblogger meet with Gadget Guru and My Nokia Camera Cheater App idea

Finally the day came when I was invited to my first Indiblogger meet to attend Nokia Your Wish My App" season 2.As I entered the indiblogger meet at The Oberoi hotel,New Delhi,I was amazed to see the hospitality and the local cuisine being served along with continental food.I also got the chance to experience the latest Nokia lumia smartphones having new features with amazing touch capability and camera quality.
I also got a chance to meet celebrity master chef Vikas Khanna, Tech guru Rajiv Makhani and gaming expert Vishal Gondal at the event and chance to have a photograph with them and discussing my wish my app idea.

My app idea for Nokia Your Wish My App" #YWMA is Camera Cheater

Why this application?
I am very disappointed to see everyday rising in cases against women exploitation and the main weapon in such cases is mobile camera.Mobile phones are being used to video-tape and photograph sexual acts, with or without the consent of one or both partners, and the recordings and pictures are being spread widely by phone.There have been cases of morphed pictures or videos being used to tarnish people’s reputations. This is particularly serious in a closed and traditional society like ours.

What does the application does?
HTC Camera lock mode which can stop the camera,by detecting such images or predict it and warn the user or directly make the mobile camera mode in off mode.
Also raises the alarm and can connect it to the cyber crime team or create alerts if the person tries it again,it would directly call the police team.The camera cheater application prevents the images or video shared on social media channel and restrict transfer through bluetooth.

What it can do?
It is very sad to know that no operator or mobile company has taken any action to make sure the camera comes with certain rights.I would like to request through Nokia Your Wish My App" #YWMA  contest if they can take my idea as initiative and develop such an application for the camera configuration and fight for social cause and rise for women support.I know that the challenge with what I am suggesting is building an application into camera software which could punish everyone but if you look on positive side,we can save thousands and millions of lives and help women.I would be thankful to you for the same if my App Idea gets selected and can be useful for everyone in the world who uses nokia smartphones.

In the end,it was the most awesome meet I have ever attended with so much to learn about mobile applications and interacting with nokia team and fellow Indibloggers present at the meet.Thank you Indiblogger for giving the opportunity to bloggers like me!

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