Getting my Landing Lights ON in UK

"Flying is the greatest thrill to mankind and landing is Second"

This quote says it all and for me aviation is an emotion and being a pilot is my passion.I love the roaring of a tubojet engines,the sleek contour of a freshly painted wing of Boeing or Airbus, that feeling in my stomach when I lift off and soar into the infinite sky. 
After completing my class 12th CBSE board exam with flying colors and securing 91 % in Physics,Chemistry and Maths,I knew I could have opted for an engineering course or secure a degree with some good college in India but I wanted to try something which my heart wanted and skies was the limit.
After working hard for many years and completing my flying hours,I achieved what I wanted and got my Commercial Pilot License approved by Director General of Civil Aviation India.

Now if you read latest newspaper,you must have known about India's aviation safety ranking downgrade.This recent downgrading of India's aviation safety ranking is because of inadequate regulatory and is a blow to India's image and ranks India below Philippines, Indonesia, Zimbabwe and even Pakistan.
DGCA is dire need of Aircraft accident investigators,operators, infrastructure providers and safety regulators who could fulfill the vacant places which are not filled in past 10 years.It is sad to know India lacks such training schools and infrastructure which could train people and upgrade,develop skill for aviation safety and keep our skies in safe hands.

The big question :Why to study in UK and Where ?

I wish to take this opportunity to specialize myself in Safety and Accident Investigation or Executive MSc in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University,United Kingdom which equips me with the skills required to pursue a successful career in various sectors of the air transport industry including airlines,DGCA authorities plus civil aviation departments, air transport consultancies and aerospace companies.Cranfield university is known in areas of expertise for students, business and innovation and welcome students from 106 countries..Also it has exceptional teaching and researchers which gave ideas to world-changing problems.What to learn and how it upgrades my skills? This specialization course will be added advantage to my current skills in aviation and will help me to serve the nation and protest the Indian skies in a better way and set high standard for myself equivalent to official of Federal Aviation Authory,USA or Civil Aviation Authority,UK officials.
This program being run with the support of the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch to give hands-on workshops plus simulations to develop the practical skills required as an investigator and help me to learn and conduct research,scientific analysis which is not possible to experience in such a detailed form in India or sub continent.This program suits me to know more about airplanes,their dynamics and better understanding about air transport industry.By undergoing training in this course,I can learn about Aviation Safety Management,Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance,Introduction to Aircraft Performance and complete research projects on Investigation and Evidence Collection and Legal Skills for Accident Investigators and more.

United kingdom is best when it comes to world-class education and place for students like me who want to achieve and opens door to their dream careers.

This is my entry for #Knowledge is Great contest in association with IndiBlogger.If you would like to have a successful life ahead and complete your higher studies outside India,UK is right destination for you.
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