5 Reasons Why I Should Travel to Beautiful Malaysia

Malaysia is the ultimate full of adventure travel destination.There were so many highlights about Malaysia.It is also known as "Truly Asia" and for youngster like me,starting right from beautiful beaches of the Perhentian Islands,wildlife safari of Kuala Lumpur to Lego land Malaysia theme park and much more.Malaysia is full of fun and being a blogger it gives me chance to experience something unique which we cant get in other Asian countries.
For a young traveler like me looking to getaway on solo adventure and enjoy the break from regular routine,Malaysia is just perfect in every aspect plus.It is a great country to travel for your first international trip and I can get a great value for my hard earned saved money.


I am big fan of Motorsport and hard core fan follower of Formula One races.It is so fun to watch when I see those cars running on the race track circuit at such a high speed.This brings the energy,excitement and adrenaline running through my body and I feel that it can't get’s better than experiencing a Formula 1 race high voltage sport event none other at the Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix,Se pang Circuit in Kaula Lampur,Malaysia.
I still have with me some memento privilege tickets being a winner of Grand Prix contest which I got as a compliment from Malaysia Tourism in 2012 to watch the event live on 23-24 March,2012 but unfortunately I could not visit Malaysia due to my exams.But this time I am hoping that my dream will come true and I can visit one of the world best circuit as I don’t want miss this Hot Hot Race again !


Malaysia is known for having the world best beaches in the world and people travel from western countries and from other regions to relax in calm environment.It is also known that Malaysian beaches are popular for clear sea water and breathtaking views of islands.

I have not visited any sea shore or indulge in water diving in my life and so this offers me the best opportunity to unleash the Malaysia coast rich in flora and fauna.As I am writing,I am dreaming about taking a break from daily routine and relaxing under a palm tree or taking a sun bath!I would also give a try to have a tour in Langkawi Cable Car which goes to the peak of Gunung Mat Chinchang or go white water rafting or scuba diving in Sipadan island.Also I read from Tourism Malaysia  website which gives me a great virtual view about experiencing the beautiful countryside and beaches of Langkawi and the Perhentian Islands.


Malaysia is mix of Asian culture with fusion from Asian countries like India,China and the rest of Southeast countries.So I would love to enjoy nightlife experience in the capital of Malaysia,Kaula Lampur and how can I forget the famous Petronas Towers,the world's tallest twin structure,a symbol of pride for Malaysia,I will definitely visit to the top and get 360 degree view of the Kaula Lampur city.

Also being a Hindu devotee,it is my wish to have at least one day of my trip to the ancient Batu Caves,a popular Hindu tourist spot.I would like to have inside view of the caves to see smaller shrines dedicated to other Hindu gods.It is also important to understand the relationship between Hindu mythology and track the cultural relation between INDIA and Malaysia.This will be so interesting to know about India religion from Malaysian local people and may be I could find an Indian restaurant too where I can have some great Indian delight too.Yeah I love INDIAN food very much!
I love listening to music and its one of my favorite past time to attend music concerts,listen live music and visit the music cultural festival or Sunburn festival whenever I get time.I am anxious to get a ticket to attend the international Royal Belum World Drums Festival where visitors like me can learn drum playing from experts in the“Drum Workshop”.Apart from this,I would also get experience to listen to their local old folk classical songs and see Malaysia artists dance in their local colorful costumes.I would also want to see and experience diverse traditional culture and have a selfie clicked with local people.For this the best way for me is to visit Sarawak Cultural Village, known as living museum of Malaysia.
Pic from Malaysia Tourism Website
Malaysia offers fantastic shopping opportunities so I will definitely go shopping at Petaling Street or Chow Kit Market and will buy some exciting gifts for my family and then also try  some local cuisine and street foodPenang’s streets are known for 24/7 low cost budget restaurants with delicious food items like yummy dim sum, curries and noodles. Definitely worth a try in life! 
I have kept the best part of my journey in the end to visit famous Turtle Cave in Gunung Mulu National Park and experience nature in true form or I could get up close and personal with the animals in Taman Negara National Park.These two places have so many interesting things to do from cave exploration or wildlife safari to choose from and explore Malaysia natural environment.

Pic from Malaysia Tourism
...and now after watching this amazing video from Malaysia Tourism,it gets me really excited to visit,explore the beautiful countryside and spend time in Malaysia!


I also love the way Malaysia Tourism department is using technology and smartphones to help people like me who want to travel and get real essence of Malaysia.All the specific information about visiting Malaysia in 2014,travel guides and tourist attractions,events can be accessed via smartphones with single click using mobile apps and Tourism Malaysia website.

I would like to give special thanks to blogadda because if I win this dream trip,then it would be big opportunity for me to understand Malaysia,learn their culture and interact with local people,explore the country and blog about my real travel experience which could be helpful to all readers who are keen to visit Malaysia this coming year and future!

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