Electrifying Indiblogger Meet up with Skyscanner


This saturday,March 1,2014, I (Umang Bhatia) being one of the Indiblogger member was invited to the one of the most popular hotel of Delhi,Le Meridien for an electrifying event sponsored by Skyscanner. Since I had a chance to experience it myself here,I would love to give you all a short review about it!

I reached the venue around 1 pm and as I went through the security check at the hotel gate and entered the premises,I could see the big board and registration section with computer screen to enter the email details and get the entry pass.The bloggers were very happy and I could see the excitement among the members at the registration counter itself.

The indiblogger meet on March 1,2014 took off in style at the right time with an awesome lunch party at the venue.It was so nice to kick back and relax a bit before the full show started.I could see the sea of bloggers at the event and this seems to be the one of the Indibloggers biggest meet in the country and most powerful one.I was amazed to see the hospitality and the food from New Delhi’s mouth-watering chicken dishes to vegetarian meals which were really tantalizing and the deserts specially the ice cream was very yummy.Everyone at the indiblogger event was having an awesome time and waiting anxiously to know what exciting is there for them .The Le Meridien hotel staff and crew were very professional and the waiters as smiling and quick stepped out to help the bloggers.

Finally at 2 pm, everyone seems to be settled in to see the big screen and waiting to see the shortlisted entries and result for the twitter contest.I wished my entry is shortlisted and I could win this contest and prize was return flight to any domestic location.
As I was glued to the screen, I saw suddenly myself on the screen with my grandfather!I was nervous and excited at the same time to see myself shortlisted for this contest.The indiblogger crew was up to know about my experience and I tried to explain them calmly about my trip to Mansa devi with my grand father and the trip.Though I did not win but was happy that my photo reached the hall of fame and was so close to winning a trip !

Just behind me I could see the Skyscanner team and their staff working on their laptops and some of them engaged in questions from the curious bloggers to know more about it and make connection with the Skyscanner team.At that point of time,I thought let me grab a chance to meet and learn more about Skyscanner from Mrs Kavitha Gnanamurthy which I later came to know that she was Senior Marketing Manager at Skyscanner.

Mrs Kavitha Gnanamurthy very nice and calm down to earth person cleared my doubt that Skyscanner is a travel search engine and not a booking forum like MakemyTrip or Yatra.com and it aims to provide instant online comparisons for flights on over a thousand airlines, as well as car hire and hotels.Skyscanner have been in the travel business for 10 years and the best part is we can book directly with the airline or travel agent and get the lowest price, with no extra fees added.It is oriented towards providing cheapest possible fare for the travellers without any charge.She furthur told me that in future they are coming for beta model on their website to have link to travel deals and booking for international locations. 

After some idea about skyscanner,I downloaded their Skyscanner app from playstore on my HTC and started to explore it and found it  really helpful for people who are looking to travel cheap and save their money.

As the event progressed,I could see plenty of bloggers tweeting out their selfies with different bloggers and try to click pictures in different poses and creative way and tweet the reason as to why they would want to go on vacation with that person and to which destination.This task ended up in 15 minutes but it was full of fun and there were so many entries on twitter and I could connect with new bloggers and make some new friends right away!Here is one of the selfie of my friend anshul and her wife who were sitting right next to me and were finally shortlisted for their selfie.Though they finally lost but they were happy as it was their first indiblogger meet.

Then Indiblogger team introduced us to Mrs Kavitha Gnanamurthy,Senior Marketing Manager at Skyscanner and we had an awesome presentation as she added that their team wanted to connect with travellers and to create unmatched experiences for them.

Post the presentation,we had a group activity "Around the world in 80 days" and the aim was to find the cities or countries with the cheapest fare while visiting all the destinations and come to the origin.We had so many teams and number of members that it took a while to adjust to understand the game and crack the puzzle in shortest time with correct answers.Luckily I carried a laptop with me and I was able to help my team with Google baba to track some of the difficult answers and use Skyscanner website to complete the task within a given time frame and ahead of other teams.

Then we had some tea-coffee session with mouth watering pastries and patties while some of the bloggers were still engaged in group activity and twitter contest.Luckily I also won a prize in their twitter contest and the prize I got was Skyscanner pen drive which I can wear as a writ band too!

Before closing of the indimeet,it was time to put enthusiastic bloggers at the centre of the meet and hear their travel experience and their journey which really inspired me to travel more and blog more in future.Finally everyone was invited to the stage to have a family photo session and raise their hand and speak out at top of their voice.

The specialty of Indibloggers meet is that everyone goes home happy and  this make this event more special for bloggers.
A big thank you to Indiblogger and Skyscanner for awesome goodies and t shirts and mind it -No animals were harmed in making of my blog.
In the end I must say it was the rocking indiblogger meet I have ever attended with so many talented bloggers!!!!!!

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