Cricket brings happiness and Cheers to India

In India ,Cricket is one of the most favorite and popular sports played across length and breadth of the country.I can see it everywhere from gully cricket,school cricket,college,corporate and so on.There is no end to this popular sports phenomenon and this lovely sports does not require any expensive cricket kit or assessories but just love for sports,passion and bat -ball.
While I try to find out the evolution of Indian cricket and analyse that what makes Cricket what Cricket is today ,I am able to find out that Cricket has played a major role in bringing smiles and happiness to everyone when we are struggling to fight against inflation,price rise,economic depression and major crisis like unstable government.Whenever our country citizen are feeling the heat and tension,Cricket comes to conquer the nation and makes it citizen proud of it.There are several instances to talk about it .We see the phase in 1983 when surprisingly India defeated England to win the cricket world cup under great all rounder Kapil Dev. This.This world cup moment gave an edge to cricket and motivated thousands of youngsters to take up cricket as a career and be proud of representing India.
With next generation experience now ,I am thankful to IT technology and digital world to bring us to the point of time where channels are high definition and even TV empires are wearing cameras to give the best view to the cricket fans like never before.StarSports channel is one of my favourite channel because it is all about CRICKET and any time I come home,I just grab a refreshing drink and watch India greatest victories (JAI HO) or recap of some the classic Indian cricket matches.

Next phase from 1990 to 2000 when we saw most talented batsmen in the world coming up with Sachin Tendulkar who represented India in Tests at the age of 16 years and marked the cricket revolution in India.Those 1996 World cup moments when India lost the semi-final after the world's most dominating batsman Sachin Tendulkar getting out and Indian innings collapsed.Other famous instances were battle between Shane Warne and Australians during the Sharjah clash,which was the epic match and still refreshed in the memories of the people.India's victory against the Australians and many other nations like England,West Nations,Sri Lanka and reaching the finals of world cup in 2003 speaks the volume about India best performance in tough time which is one of the reasons to be addicted to this great sport.India dreams of winning the world cup were shattered during 2007 when we lost to Bangladesh in early stages butIndia won the first T20 Cricket World Cup in 2007 lead by Mahindra Singh Dhoni which gave a new dimension to cricket in India.
This followed by starting of Indian Premier League  in 2008 and known as the most viewed twenty twenty cricket tournament in the world and is very popular among India.It comprises of various team like Chennai Super Kings,Kokata Kinght Riders,Rajasthan Royals,Sun Risers Hyderabad,Mumbai Indians,Delhi Daredevils and Kings Eleven Punjab.
There was a time when we had a black and white TV at our home and I used to see in 1990's Sachin hammering Pakistan over the place but all in black.But I was so crazy to watch the match in colors and see real India men in blue that I used to travel to my native Nani house just to have the real view in colors in BPL television.
Another issues I remember in those early childhood days were when the cricket match was ON and LIVE and it is the last over of the match or Rahul Dravid on 99 and electricity goes off,alas that feeling can't be expressed and everyone in the family feel annoyed about it as there were no INVERTORS in those days.
My grand nana I remember always used to hear the cricket match on radio fm and I still remember the crazy commentary of those time 'THIS IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY BSNL CHOKA,BSNL SIXER".He used to sit for hours and listen to those special moments on the swinging chair with cup of tea and bread.
With taking the problems of people who miss cricket often due to their work commitments have come up with Online Live Streaming for IPL and others sports like hockey,football.

For me Action Recap  on is the brilliant feature which helps me watch the ipl match when I am travelling out for meetings and office work with our clients and reach home when match is over late night.Now I can see the Maxwell innings or Gayle storm and get to see the real action anytime.

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