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Right after the college goes over at 4.30 pm,I dont have time to have a sip of coffee or have time to chat up with friends or have some discussion about anything because I have a prior appointment with my Star Sports channel to watch the live most entertaining cricket league what we say is INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE.
The league is special for every cricketer and sports lover and starts at the right point of time right after the exams end and a new semester begins.
Being a avid follower of Indian cricket and watching IPL right from the first season has become part of life and never miss a chance to miss the cricket match and support my team delhi daredevils or Chennai or Rajasthan on a particular day.As long as cricket is played as a true sports and with honesty ,I am going to support this perfect enterntainment dose.Every match comes  with more pressure on teams,their coaches and new beginnings plus billions of expectations.
The craziest thing that I have done in my life to watch cricket is was few years ago when I took a loan from my friend to get a front row ticket at the stadium last year to watch DD vs MI match and told my parents that I am going for my coaching class.
With advancement in technology in today's world ,I have seen how cricket is taken so much professional view and this year Star Sports launched their own channel so I never opts to miss the ipl fever right on TV and love the live broadcasting in High Definition with so much analysis of data about the particular player and their strengths and weaknesses.

The best benefit is now that even when I am enroute coming home from college and its a hard two hour journey by bus and if I get stuck in traffic and then I dont have to worry about missing cricket and live updates.All appreciation and thanks to Starsports.com for connecting common man to cricket through different channels and medium and I can get HD live streaming updates on my laptop or my smartphone very easily.
Before having the facility of Starsports.com, I found it difficult to watch the live matches on TV as my mom loves to watch other TV programs and time clashes happened.But now this big problem is solved and now I can watch the match through Star Sports different mediums.
The best part of it is that I can choose option like highlights,fast recap and action moments of the match with information like Scorecard and players interview at the end of match.
Also watch Free live stream within few minutes of the starting of the match which is something amazing and quietly brilliant.
I love the fastest scoreboard feature from Starsports.com because the first thing I want to know is the run scored by any team in the IPL match and how much my favorite player scored.This feature is best and also I like display and easy way to understand the figures in quick time unlike other sites where I have to click 2-3 times to get the results.
So the now the old days have gone when if power if off or cable operator is not streaming the channel,then you could miss the cricket.
I would rather say in short,thanks to Starsports.com for being part of this amazing cricket event IPL and being a sponser for it.Now watching the matches have become more addictive and interesting in many ways and reached a new standard like commonwealth games or olympics.

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