IPL ka flavour Star Sports Pe

Cricket is part of my life,I cant imagine myself without having this amazing sports far away and disconnected from it.I like the Indian Premier League very much from the day it started off few years ago featuring different franchise teams with some of the world greatest cricket players from different nations and playing for the grand title. 
This short tournament with limited overs match is so entertaining and thrilling that it makes the best way to enjoy the free time and cheer for different teams.
IPL brings with it a lot of fan following,excitement and some game changing events every day and I am so addicted to it that no matter what the condition is whether my mood is good or bad,I have to attend a wedding or doing my project work,I am so crazy about this event and have so many instances about my mad love for cricket.
There was a day few days back when my 10 years old sister came to visit me from Bangalore , she had occupied my room and I had no access to TV because she was so much engrossed with her Cartoon Network,Poke-mon and Choota Bheem and Pogo channel.I could not watch the match for 2 days and tried many things on her by offering her chocolates,sweets,pasteries,cakes and and everything which she liked the most but all efforts in vain.
3rd day I finally decided to get the remote and I decided to gift her a doremon bag of pink color and travelled around 30 kms from my hometown to get that specialized custom bag which cost me around 1500 rs just for sake of watching the cricket match live.
But luck was not with me again ,as I got the remote and started to enjoy the victory and watch the Mumbai Indians bat ,I got a call from my dad and now I had to leave home to pick my dad from the railway station.
I feel really bad at that point of time and took the car keys and went on to drive as fast as I could and changing the radio FM channels to find about the current scorecard of Mumbai team but all I could found was news about MODI sarkaar and those boring item number being played on mobile.
Now only option left was google baba and as soon as I type current live scores on Google there was a list of sports websites but I dont know may be by luck I clicked on something new starsports.com which really changed the perception of how cricket is being viewed and was amazed to find out that I could find everything related to IPL with cricket coverage,live scoreboard,action replay,cricket stats and everything a cricket fan wants to know about cricket.

I liked the Action Recap feature while waiting at the railway station which was the best feature on starsports.com as I could see the highlists and catch up the last two matches.
thanks to Strsports.com which now has become my main preference to know anything about cricket match and even watching the match when there is no other alternative. 

Now I do not worry about missing any shots or fall of wickets,thank you starsports.com
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