Ad:tech and Sociomantic Rooftop Party :An Unforgettable experience!

I (Umang Bhatia) being the only winner of the facebook Adtech blogger contest from India was invited to the one of the most popular hotel of Delhi-NCR region,the Leela Ambience,Gurgaon to cover the digital marketing event of the year and technology exhibition Ad tech India held from March 20-21,2014.

About Ad: tech

Ad:tech global event is attended by various advertising companies around the world and this event acts as a platform for them to establish themselves locally and grow their business with brands and build business relationship with them.The event is two days event which includes day conference with business managers,CEO's,product launch,demonstrations by multinational companies,networking opportunities for start ups and special events like Big Networking Bash,Pub Brawl and much more.

Being an Master of Business Administration student with specialization in Marketing stream,it was the one of the event I could not afford to miss at any cost.There is simple reason to it,first and for-most is due my hard core interest in digital marketing,digital branding and winning numerous contests and prizes all through with the help of social media and internet. As I browsed through the Ad event website,I came to know about the event passes and their sponsors and companies who are attending the event.

Secondly I was interested to learn and upgrade my knowledge in digital media and so I  was highly motivated to grab this opportunity to interact with experienced people in the industry and so this acted as the best possible platform for me to gather information from top honchos and leading brands about their brand positioning and digital segmentation in the advertisement-technology world.The ticket for the event was very costly and for an individual student like me,it was not possible to afford a ticket and get passes for the event but I was keen to attend the event.So I started looking for ways to get myself some discount or way to get myself sponsored and luckily I found the Ad-tech promotion on facebook and  blogging contest.

I participated and one day before the event started, I received a call from Ad tech administration department that I have won full access DELEGATE pass for the event including access to seminars and conference with meals and everything included.That was the moment,I could not believe myself that I have been called of to cover the ad tech exhibition and be part of their blogging team as a student.

Next morning,I was very excited and reached the venue the Leela Ambience around 9 am and got myself security checked at the hotel entrance and I could see people waiting to get through registration section with computer screen to enter their details and get the entry pass.
After few minutes I  met the Ad tech co-coordinator who first congratulated me and gave me the delegate pass and told me about do's and don't.

The 2 day event started with Inauguration ceremony and opening presentation by Karim Temsamani, President, APAC,Google followed by imminent speakers from various organisations throughout the day in different ball room 1 and 2.Some of the topics covered were Rebuilding the Internet,Re-marketing Brand Strategy for Site and Apps,Growth of digital content,latest in advertisement technology etc.

Everything seem to be well organised and planned and there was a sufficient time between events to have a coffee break and lunch between the sessions and debates.I went to different stalls and exhibitions to gather data and knowledge to interact with different people face to face and could understand different type of services offered by them and their segmentation and marketing mix.
There were interesting activities and giveaways during the sessions like t-shirts,cafe coffee day vouchers and merchandise too.
Then reached the point roof top of the Leela Ambience,where I could see the sea of people getting out in the open to have sip of beer,to kick back and relax a bit waiting for the next session to start.It was something interesting,whole arena was covered with SOCIOMANTIC ads and blue wallpapers.I could see plenty of people tweeting out their selfies and photos with different people and try to click pictures in different poses and creative way and tweet using #adtechin and Sociomantic twitter or facebook page to win an Instax camera sponsored by them.

After clicking the pictures at the Sociomantic booth,I met Sociomantic Marketing Director EMEA,Mrs Saray Joy Murray and I tried to get an idea about the word "SOCIOMANTIC " and asked her about core business of Sociomantic and their clients.She further added "that the purpose of roof top party was to connect with Indian clients and told about expansion of plan in Mumbai". It was really awesome to have a fun together with understanding about Germany and I could finally identify the billboards as technology and innovation which started from Germany.It would be great to meet Sociomantic team again in near future.

Before I touch upon further exciting activities, let me share with you the following information -
What Is Sociomantic?
Sociomantic Labs was founded in 2009,headquartered in Berlin with regional offices in many parts of the world, from Australia to Texas, from Estonia to Argentina, from India to Egypt.The company expertise in the areas of online marketing, scalable computing, and network analysis. 
Sociomantic is all about smarter, easier, more effective display advertising.It helps the
world’s largest online marketers drive incremental sales at scale, delivering real-time

results with full transparency.

It is amazing to know that Sociomantic business has grown with profits since it started and continues to do so covering more than 6 continents with 16 offices worldwide.
Sociomantic continues to impress people with their digital marketing skills and help in optimization of cost for their clients and working to achieve goal of customer satisfaction and quality service.
Then around 5 pm it was the end of the day and session ended with some creative cocktails Masala Lemonade,fine beer and an exquisite selection of mock tails. I could also a smoking zone for smokers and mouth-watering snacks were served which were really tantalizing and ended around 7 pm.

Before concluding,I would like to add that ad exhibitions and meet really inspired me to learn more about digital world and gave me a chance to learn and develop my skills,knowledge and provided me the experience which would help in future.

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