Mom's Food- Perfect Delicious Brunch!

No matter I travel to big hotels and restaurants and served by best chefs in the world with best hospitality and charismatic environment,I cannot feel the mommy flavor in the food they serve and even after my stomach full still I don't feel the same satisfaction as I get after eating mom food.
My mom cooks food as if she knows everything what I want,what ingredient to put in how much ration and how to make it look healthy and hygienic while making it healthy and delicious at the same time.
One of the reason that I love my mom food is that she makes the food that expresses our identity and culture.The food is served in a way that has been followed by generations following the same as our forefathers.We sit together at one place on the ground in a line starting from my grandfather,then my father and than me and my young sister.Mom food is enjoyed by whole family and everyday there is so much variety of different menus but all made with local spices in a traditional way.
Earlier in school days I used to carry lunch box and every morning I was so excited about it as what is being served in my lunch break and I used open the lunch box in the school bus itself and eat some part of it.Then my friends were always eager to know about my lunch box rather than what they have brought.I would ask them everyday but they just told me that there was something in spices which attracted them.
After my school,I got admission in USA university and it was time for me to move to USA for two years and the first thing that came to my mind after getting the admission letter is that how will I survive without mommy tasty khana being a vegetarian.There is no alternative to food and it is practically impossible to have package food for two years.I had 2 weeks before departing to USA and so I asked my mom to give me some basic cooking training so that I could survive in foreign country.
The first of my cooking session was full of comedy and confusion.I did not knew anything about cooking from A to Z.First time I put the pan to boil water and made a cup of tea,I felt really scared about it and during the course even burnt my finger while putting milk in the pan.Then after guidance ,I finally made my first Chai and was happy to make a good start.Then slowly I progressed over days and after so many trials I was able to get the basic cooking knowledge.I learned about different Indian spices,their medicinal advantages and taste.Making a roti in circular shape was a big challenge and it took me so many days to get a round shape not perfect though.
Finally I tried my hand and started for main course dish Mix Aloo Fried Sabzi with Shimla Mirch which can be made within 30 minutes and without much ingredients and delicious too.The basic ingredient required to cook are -

2-3 Aloo
2 Shimla Mirch
Turmeric Powder and Red chilli Powder
MDH Garam Masala and Salt
Oil - 3-4 tablespoon

The preparation of dish is very simple.wash and chop capsicum and slice the potatoes into small pieces.Then take a kadai and add oil to it and turn on the gas.Once the oil becomes hot.add the potatoes and shimla mirch.For the beginners this dish make take time for preparation from 20 to 25 minutes.Now add turmeric powder and other spices,garam masala while the vegetables are being cooked.Stir well and cover the lid for 10 minutes.After 10 minutes remove the lid and add salt or lemon for taste.After so many trials and rehearsal of this dish,I would recommend to add little chat masala and lemon in case you want to make it little bit spicy and masaladar.Serve it with roti and aam ka aachar.

Here is the picture of my first dish which I clicked after making it first time and felt proud of it when it was tasted by mom and got compliments from her.

My mom has also told me that no matter how the dish has been cooked but first impression is the last impression.She has guided me that presentation matters everywhere.My mom has a Borosil collection at home and frequently uses Borosil Glass bowls and baby bowl set when there is a special dinner or festival days.We also have this Borosil decorative Om lamp which is kept on the dinner table and best when having candle light winner.

I am planning to prepare dinner for my mom and surprise my mom by gifting her Borosil latest collection of glassware as a token of appreciation and thanking her for being my guru for teaching me cooking skill sets.

This blog post is a contest entry to for the Borosil beautiful food contest.

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