Dadi Real Fighter and Role Model

A role model is known for his exceptional qualities and who has made a huge impact on your lifestyle and has something very missionary which brings youthful energy and positive in around the atmosphere.
My grandmother for me who fought hard till she could is my real fighter and role model.
She was the one who was always happy and never feared of anything and fought every struggle and situation with full commitment and believe in herself till the last breadth.In last 2 years,she was suffering from dual Kidney Failure and Renal failure and she was having a load of issues with her body and health problems which could have made anyone else give off within 7 days or so but she was very strong,bold and real DADI.
One of the childhood pictures when we went to trip to Katra

Inspite of all those situations,she always remain calm and cool.She never gave up and believed in holy spirits and holy God.She was always smiling and tried to remain away from negative people and her face was so lively that one could not say that she had any medical problems.During those childhood days ,I remember her going to Gurudwara everyday and sitting for hours and worshiping and reciting rituals from holy books and feeding the poor.She used to arrange for monthly langars and distribute food to the poor people in the locality and used to make prasad for everyone.

For me,I remember that she gave me so many gifts and fulfilled my unlimited wishes and gave me pocket money without even asking me for the purpose.Whenever I used to go with her to the market,she would take me to the Soda shop for lemon juice and chocolates.She is the one who made a big difference in my life and contributed in my studies.She knew Sanskrit and Hindi and was very fluent in Vedas and Shaloks.For me Sanskrit was a nightmare but with her guidance and teachings ,I could not only read and write but also recite Sanskrit poems.
She was very kind and caring to all and used to help the poor by donating fruits and bread on festivals and special occasions. It.It was my grandmother who gave my sister the freedom to delay her marriage and continue her job and pursue her dreams and distance studies when everyone was against her.This was really a turning point in my sister life and I would credit my grandmother for this as she is the one who made a huge step forward.
Some days,I still miss her very much and try to remember the rhyme she used to sing for me and night fairy tales which I used to listen before going to sleep.Certainly she has made a huge impact in my life and the way she lead her life,I feel she has made the best opportunity to serve the people and family.

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