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We are born in the the generation where everyone is tech savvy and have access to internet via smartphones in one way or the other.We believe more in social interactions and creating,sharing and reading digital content via our computer screens or smartphones.Right from Orkut generation to Facebook and now twitter.everyone wants to have a social networking website access and wifi or 3g internet to know whats happening with their friends or state their own opinion about anything from politics,brands,education,sports and public figures through facebook post or 140 characters tweet.
We have so many social networking websites already but still we don't have a platform or network where we get full freedom to express and connect with anyone without accepting his friend request or due to privacy settings of that platform.
In order to solve various user issues and problems of the social media website user,a new social platform STATE has been launched by London based enterprise to bring new revolution of using social media websites.
I have been using this new platform for quite a few days now and would like to share my experience review with everyone.

First time when I opened the website to make an account,I found their main tag line "State your opinion"very impressive and the background theme and display matching the website objectives where people are expressing their views in the air by using different color combinations and enjoying being connected to each other at the same point.Then after reading the next line ,I just say "WOW" because it says no need of ##### (hastags) and everyone is treated equal and gets opportunity to express whatever and any topic.
I would say that creating an account on this website is very simple process and just took me few seconds to connect myself via my facebook account.Other ways include using Google,twitter or email sign up.The website seems to be very accessible and flexible as it can be accessed via any Internet browser and even their app can be downloaded across different platform via Playstore or Appstore for mobile.

Once I entered the website,I found the display very simple and unique compared to other social networking websites.The site navigation is very easy to understand with Home button on the left and your profile display on the right at the top.

Stating an opinion has never been so easy and to express the exact feeling without too many sentences is possible within a few seconds.There are various categories to find your interest or search button is available where you can write the keywords and then voice your opinion write away.The best part is that everything about this platform revolves around the word "STATE".Just a single click at the top middle on word "STATE" and you are ready to search on topic in which you want to give your opinion.


STEP 2 With State ,you can choose different words to expression your opinion.

State is very user friendly as it helps you to add for your friends and give recommendations using Tuning feature.This feature is similar to notification and accepting & sending request on social media sites.
On the left side ,it displays your profile name and picture and information about total number of opinions posted by you till date.

One of the feature I like about State after stating my opinion on a topic should "Cigarette sales should be banned " is that I could analyse my decision and view the poll results in percentage about opinions similar to me or  not and also the graphical representation of data known as Sentiment Range and Adjective features which tells about the top word group,middle and low word group.Such features with so much detailed analysis within a few seconds was never available in other social networking platforms or major options or disagree button was missing out.

Since State is a social platform,it comes with added benefit of including your friends through email,social networking sites and through your network to ask or get opinions about your own questions or even asked by others.

I see as a very addictive and interactive platform which helps in connecting and give unbiased view about any topic.Its main attractive point is that we can give mutual affection for our favorite brand and hang out with people from different regions who have similar opinion,beliefs and have common attitude perception.I believe this brings with it VIP positiveness for everyone and you can give your word about anything with polite language unlike most online communities or social groups.
For a company or brand like Samsung,Apple or HTC etc,STATE could be a turning point in understanding the consumer behavior of the people and they could analyse,understand and get an opinion about their current products and learn how their brand could work towards making people experience even better with upcoming products and services.They could use State platform for polling or secondary research and this could help them develop future strategies for their products and research and development.

Everyday my interest in using STATE is increasing and my connection with STATE is strengthening and getting better.This is one of most outstanding global website or network where you can engage with a brand product in a much better way and you feel like directly part of it.There is a lot of difference between an ordinary social media website and an individual and being member of this awesome networking site,it I feel very nice to be deeply connected with the brand we love and and also what does the majority of people think about a particular thing relevant in the society.

Thats how simple it is.STATE your opinion now,also check this video to know more about State!

I would say thanks to Blogadda giving this chance to review this great platform and STATE entire team for creating this amazing network and it is just a matter of time when we see most people using it to express and share their opinions with one another.
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