Tata Zest Review from Blogger's Eye

I am writing this post in continuation of my to Zestful experience in Goa where I got the once in a lifetime opportunity and chance to test drive the brand new TATA ZEST from Zuri Sand Resorts in Goa to outskirts of the city driving in many conditions from national highways,city congested areas and kuchcha-pakka roads for more than 30 km in total.


Before sharing my review,I would like to tell you about you that this ride included me and my fellow partners Sammy and Heena,who were part of this activity #ZestUpYourLife live blogging and driving experience.There were 2 pit stops during our en-route journey where we changed our seats in order to get the experience from different angles by being a driver,back row passenger and front row passenger.

The car Zest is manufactured by TATA Motors which is India's largest automobile company.During our 2 hours trip we try to explore and check as many new features which are available in the car including the air conditioning system,smartphone integration,lighting system,F-Tronic Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) technology clutch-free driving gear system,HARMAN Infotainment System, and many more secondary functions.I had a chance to drive both the petrol and diesel variants which comes with a Revotron 1.2T engine.

Lets start with Design - #DESIGN NEXT

The TATA engineers have put of hard work and efforts in designing this ultimate beauty and it has taken few years to figure out and come up with this dashing look.From the designers who have worked behind this project in developing this sleek car told us about the human and technical aspects which add emotions to the car so that the car looks in motion even when it is at rest.

Zest Exterior View

Picture taken before test driving

Back View

Side Looks and Alloy Wheels
Before getting into the driver seat,I thought of giving the chance to my team members and was little nervous as it was a brand new shining car and I felt it is better to first have feel and sense of the car and understand the basic functions and technicalities.
Once I entered the car,I felt very comfortable and I could feel like sitting in a business class of a commercial airplane rather than economy class.The best part is the leg space is much more than it looked from outside and for a consumer looking for a extended family car with 5 seater option,this car would be definitely have an added advantage over its competitor in the same segment.

Internal Front View
As the drive started from Zuri Resorts, I could see the excitement building over my partner face and within few minutes,the engines started roaring and within few seconds,she started to drive to hang of Zest.The air conditioning system is very powerful and within few minutes of our ride,I felt the cabin temperature drop to 16 degrees Celsius and there was no effect on engine performance or any kind of noise.

Getting best out of ZEST - #CONNECTNEXT Plus #DRIVENEXT

Finally at the pit stop,I got the opportunity to get the keys and start the car.The car front display looks fully integrated with image graphics showing various options like seat belt sign,indicator lights,Fuel Indicator,type of mode whether - ECO,CITY or SPORT mode.

Source :Google.in
Next thing before putting my step on accelerator,I tried to set up the audio preference on the smart touchscreen panel and with voice integration with command function,I could set up my favorite radio Fm station and listen to music.Next step ,I like the automatic gear system with Automatic,Reverse and Neutral function much more simple than the manual gear system.I felt as if there is no need to take care of clutch much more and I can enjoy my driving without worrying about changing gear when stuck in traffic.This is one of the best part of ZEST that attracts me and I could relate this to my family that now even my mom can learn driving very easily and can drive the car without any tension of having issues with gear or clutch.I also like the SPEED mode feature button in gear box which increase the speed and efficiency of Zest when driving on highways and make sure we have more power and control of the car.

Further with installation of  the automatic EPAS (Electronic Power Assisted System), TATA motors has made drive more pleasant.While driving the Zest car ,I felt the car is perfect for business people or the ones who love the technology and uses their USB stick to listen to songs.Voice and multiple device connection help us to use different gadgets to listen to music without any issue.

In the end, I would like to add TATA Zest is authentic,bold and stylish car for a long drive with family.

"ZEST is made to revolutionize the way we drive,we connect with technology and the way we want our car to look"

For more technical specification and details about the new Lively ZEST,I would recommend to browse Tata motors  website.


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