Things which make Black Awesome

Shining Black airplane model

I have been collecting various models of airplanes from single engine Cessna to multi engine  turbocharger planes and advanced jet proposition aircraft like Airbus 320,Boeing 737.
Airplane models are the best toys I have and they work as catalyst for my passion for flying.These models help me simulate various in flight conditions and help me to understand the principals of flight.
In order to add my collection,I am constantly searching on ebay and other internet sources to find more unique and different category of airplane models.This also includes for me to have black color airplane in my collection.Black airplanes models are very rare to find and are very expensive too.

Black n Bold Instax camera

I am big fond of using those old film cameras which are getting extinct with the pace digital world moving towards paperless technology.I still love to take print out of the photos and the best thing about instax cameras is that they provide instant printout of the photos at that very moment.So having a black instax camera will add flavor to my travel gadgets

Seven Horse Black Painting

My mom has been keen on telling me for quite sometime now that a black horse painting brings good luck and health.It is sign of motion which helps you to make your life back on track and helps you to move forward in your life.Though it may be a myth or just blind belief,I would still want to get the black horse painting to fulfill my mom wish.

Black Square Crow

We have a small garden and balcony in our house  where we have a papaya tree along with other fruits like Jaamun,Anaar etc.There is a gang of monkeys in our area who are always messing up here and there breaking pots,taking clothes of our neighbors and eating our fruits.Everyone in the society has become fed up of their activities and I feel having a black square crow installed in my garden would scare them and will protect our fruits and flowers.

Black Massage Chair

My grand ma have problems with her knees and have backache problem which has been increasing day by day.I feel helpless when at night I see her crying out of pain or looking for some piece of cloth to tie her legs and try to sleep.Last Sunday while shopping in Delhi Select Citywalk mall,I saw black massage automatic machine which was displayed there and people were trying to relax them by availing free trial.The machine cost is around 30,000 with ample of features and functions for different body parts.I can imagine the suffering and pain and hope this black machine will turn on the magic and behave like Durga goddess killing all her pains.

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