Zest things in my Life

Some things in our life are so close to our heart  that cannot be left behind and one cannot live without it until you are the famous survival expert like the one who hosts the famous Television show on national geographic channel who can live in jungle or desert for days and survive with flora and fauna.Besides the basic needs food,shelter and clothing,our life demands so much more than our needs and wants.
For me there is something which helps me to keep up Zest in life and continue to remain positive and give meaning to my life.

1. Family

Family love and support is most important in my life and are always there for me.It makes me emotional and I cannot feel a day without seeing them. Everyday you I wake up and see my mother who cares about me and fulfill my wishes.My father who guides me and act like a teacher and motivator in my life.My grand father and mother who teaches me moral values and shares their  life stories and their experiences with me.Then there are times when we celebrate festivals together and enjoy each other company.We all share special bond to fight difficulties in our each other life and strongly support each other as we can.

Small picture of my big family

2. Food

Mummy ke haat ka khaana is something I love very very much.The feeling and satisfaction I get after having home cooked food is something which cannot be matched anywhere else in the world,no matter if it is even a five star resort or restaurant.The food she cooks is so delicious as if she knows everything what I want,what ingredient to put in how much ration and how to make it look healthy and hygienic while making it healthy and delicious at the same time.

Fried Allo with green chilli -my favourite dish

3. Smartphone

I cannot think a day without having smartphone in my pocket.The day I got my first smartphone Nokia and I called up my friends and told my number,that was a very special moment.The technology has now become so advance with age of selfies and mobile with apps and social sites.Introduction of 3g mobiles with capability of social networking ,I can access across my facebook,whatsapp and read my blogs and share content across everyone.
With my latest HTC M8 phone,I can capture my family photos,share pictures and plan my daily schedule with my phone.My phone is my best gadget and believe it or not but it has become part of my wardrobe.

4. Stamps,Badges and Coin Collection

Collecting stamps and coin has been my most favorite hobby since the school days.I have been collecting stamps,badges and coin of different countries from both internal and external resources which ever way I could arrange.My collection varies from coins belonging to East India company to unique collection of set of currencies belonging to world war era.I hold some of the rare of the rarest coins which hold great significance in our human history and which may not be in use today but definitely worth keeping them as old collection which would some day help my ancestors in long run.

5. Airplanes

I am born to be a pilot and everyday I dream to get myself in the air and see the world from 35,000 feet above the earth.Flying is the greatest thrill to mankind but it requires dedication,concentration and high physical fitness standards and huge amount of responsibility.As a professional pilot,I admire the role of technology and machines which has provided us opportunity to see the whole world and explore it.Airplanes are my favourite and I must admit that it will always have a special place in my heart.

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