Unlocking the Black Mystery #Whattheblack

After returning from one of the most memorable Zestful trip in Goa last weekend with 50 awesome bloggers and Blogadda.com,I was very excited to see my name in the shortlisted candidates for #WhatTheBlack campaign. The campaign lasted for 4 days with different clues and black things received  during the whole activity.Now let me take you through my experience in cracking the black mystery thing.


As the first day unfolded,around 4 pm I received a courier at my doorstep.I opened the package and there was a black egg with instructions to consume it before 7th Aug.I started my investigation and tried to examine the black egg from every angle before my mom came to me and said "Yeh kala anda kab se market mein aane lage,iska price kya hein" I told her that this is something mysterious clue that we have to crack it.

I could see my mom also taking interest in the #WhatTheBlack campaign and she told me to keep the egg in fridge and wait for other clues before breaking it.I kept the black egg in the fridge and thought may be I will have "BLACK UNDE KI BHURJI" next day.But after an hour,I could not hold myself and broke the egg and found that it was a chocolate filled inside.


As I tried to search on internet about the black egg and see what porduct it could be and tried my guesses and projections about the first clue,there was already lot of tweeting about the #WhatTheBlack campaign on twitter and people trying to link it with some food product.I could see the campaign had already made a strong impact on social media with hundreds of tweets and facebook posts by our fellow bloggers.

Around 2 pm ,the bell ranged and I knew the second clue I have been waiting for has arrived at my doorstep..I saw the delivery box giving me something which was totally unexpected..a black newspaper and all news related to black things.
I could sense that there must be some hidden clues in this newspaper which could take me forward to my final product. The NEWS indicated about black cricket ball,Indian team wearing black tee and white paper turning black.I tried to link and guessed that may be my next clue would be tissue paper.

In the evening,my father saw the newspaper and also tried to give me his interpretations and suggestions about #WhatTheBlack could be... 

Before we finally decided to wait for the next clue and lets see if we can break the code.


The next day before the receiving of 3rd clue , I could sense some connection with the black newspaper and black egg and tried to guess that these products indicate some black product which we all use daily and specially in the morning.As predicted the next clue which came made me think more deeper as a black empty cup came with tissue paper....
But this time the secret behind the mysterious clue was unlocked...the invoice with the products clearly mentioned it COLGATE CHARCOAL CUP.....that was the moment when things started working for me and I could sense some connections with other clues.

Brush your Teeth ->>>>>>Read Newspaper >>>>>>>> Cup of Tea >>>>Anda in Breakfast

Colgate is known for their hygiene plus oral care products and we all know it is No 1 toothpaste brand in India.So with help of Google baba,I quicky browsed the internet and found out about COLGATE BLACK CHARCOAL SLIM SOFT toothbrush....and yes the #WhatTheBlack mystery was solved.


I knew what it is coming next and as the +BlogAdda says the curtain rises,it was the latest Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal toothbrush.The unique features of this toothbrush is that it comes with charcoal bristles which remove bacteria and keeps your teeth white.This brush has 17x more slimmer tip brushes than an ordinary brush designed to perfection and keep your teeth clean along the gum line.


I really enjoyed being part of this awesome campaign sharing the received black items and buzzing my friends on twitter and facebook to unlock the mystery and guess #WhatTheBlack final product would look like.

I would like to thanks Colgate and Blogadda.com for bringing one of the most powerful and engaging campaign by +BlogAdda where we had opportunity to tweet,share content and blog about the #WhatTheBlack things and also trying the ultimate product Colgate Slim soft toothbrush.

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