Diwali ki Favourite Memories

Everyone says that Diwali is festival of light but for me Diwali is something more big than that and have major role to play in our lives and keeping our family together and create a strong bonding with each other.Diwali festival plays an important role in my life and brings all happiness in my life and give me a chance and opportunity to thanks my friends,relatives and everyone who is close to me and my family.
As a young child,I used to wait for Diwali holidays to be announced in school and My Diwali used to start right after Dussehra,I used to be prepared well in advance with all the patakas,fuljari and tiny-mini crackers which I got from nearby local shop everyday.Also my cousin brother Anshul used to come to my house on Diwali holidays and we used to play cricket,watch cartoons and burst crackers in the evening till late midnight.

My mom is fond of cooking and she always prefer home sweets over those from Haldiram or Bikaner store and keep them stocked enough to gift those delicious home made Ladoos and Churi to our close relatives and friends every year.My mom laddoos and Churi are so much in demand in our area that even today.she get calls to get those traditional sweets to be made on order.

Every year, I use rangoli powder and try to sketch various God symbols in-front of  our worship place or Ghar Ka Mandir.After Diwali Puja,we exchange out gifts within our family and I remember that last time my brother surprised me with a play-station portable which I wanted it from so many years.Diwali night is very special for my family and my mom makes a special dinner for us which includes Shahi Paneer with Dal Makhni and home made kesar ki Kulfi.

During my brother college days,I remember my brother who used to come back from his college  which are out of our home town and mom and dad were so happy seeing him and then we all used to celebrate together and go for shopping.

Diwali means decoration with lighting up diyas and wearing new clothes.My grandfather is very particular about lighting our house and keeping our home clean.My grandfather is an electrical engineer and worked for 32 years in Electrical department.He is very talented and every year he makes sure that our house is lit up at least 5 days before Diwali.
From my early childhood memories, I remember that my father used to stand on staircase while my grandfather used to give instructions to him about setting up the Diwali lights in proper layout.

But with modern times,now the trend has been changing with times and some of my relatives are spending Diwali outdoors and heading to various tourist destinations and places.But our family still prefer to celebrate in traditional ways and the way it should be celebrated with family.

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